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Is Islam compatible with democracy?

Is Islam Compatible With Democracy and Human Rights?

There are several flaws in societies where Muslims form the majority, but that is not Islam. As Muslims we have allowed the tyrants to use the “Islam label” to run with their agendas, which is similar to the Neocons, to annihilate and oppress dissent. It is a catch 22, if the Muslim majority spoke, things will be alright, and on the other hand, those few tyrants keep them shut. This is not the characteristics of Muslims alone, it is the case with all majorities be it Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and even in the bastions of democracy like the United States and the United Kingdom where the majority remained silent when the Neocons duped them about Iraq and went on about destruction.

The following article about Islam and democracy is an ongoing propaganda to malign Islam; it’s the business of the Neocons. (Extremists in all faiths whose modus operandi is destructive malignant methods to solve the world problems) I wish we had an organization set up who did not thing but investigate the funding source for these articles and their motivation.

President Obama’s initiatives in Middle East has all the elements of bringing security to the Jewish population in Israel and hope to the Palestinians, both peoples deserve it. I believe that would be the aspirations of majority of the Jews and Palestinians from that area. However, the Neocons supported by the lobby with the attitudes of “annihilating or oppressing the other” and seek peace through destruction. They have figured out how do derail President Obama’s initiatives, you will see the beginning of an onslaught of articles like this and a mass production of documentaries and movies to debilitate the religion. It pays them well, as long as the suckers pay, the Neocons will produce phobias and cash them.

I hope people will wake up and fund those organizations that clearly seek to mitigate conflicts and not the ones that aggravate the conflicts.

The article starts with the dumbest quote, asking the fox to guard the hen. Why would King Fahad say that democracy is suitable to our country? Then there is a quote from Hugronje that Islam has never favored democratic tendencies. Has this agency taken the time to paint the full honest picture of Muslims or Islam? Nearly 3/4ths of Muslim population lives in democracies, and the rest would opt for democracy if they have the choice or if we the western Neocons do not support the dictators, monarchs or oppressive regimes.

There are several flaws in the following article and I hope I can respond to some but urge the people, Muslims or not to present their point of view to show the flaws in it.

One of the major flaws quoted here “In Saudi Arabia, following a tradition of Muhammed who said “Two religions cannot exist in the country of Arabia “ On the other hand the Prophet initiated and co-signed the Madinah pact with Jews, Christians and others about co-existence and pluralism. How did these guys cook this up?

Look at the fa├žade they carry with the organizations names they have set up to give the impression that they are fair and honest research organizations.

Article at: http://wisdomofreligion.blogspot.com/2009/06/is-islam-compatible-with-democracy.html

Mike Ghouse is a Speaker, Thinker, Writer, Moderator and a Blogger on Pluralism, Interfaith, Terrorism, Peace, Islam, India and civil societies,. He is a frequent guest on talk radio and local television networks offering a pluralistic perspective on issues of the day. His comments, news analysis and columns can be found on the Websites and Blogs listed at his personal website www.MikeGhouse.net Mike is a conflict mitigater and a goodwill nurturer.

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  1. Equality, in a social sense, may be divided into that of condition and that of
    rights. Equality of condition is incompatible with civilization, and is found
    only to exist in those communities that are but slightly removed from the
    savage state. In practice, it can only mean a common misery.

    The essence of democracy is to give rights to the people to designate a
    government where the people share in directing the activities of the state,
    as distinct from governments controlled by a single class, select group, or autocrat.

    On the basis of Islamic ideals for justice and practices of early Caliphs
    Doctrines of natural law were evolved into the idea of natural rights, i.e., that
    all people have certain rights, such as self-preservation, that cannot be taken
    from them.Islam strictly prohibited forceful conversion to Islam The idea of contract followed, that rulers and people were bound to each other by reciprocal obligations.
    If the sovereign failed in his duties or transgressed on natural rights, the people
    could take back their sovereignty. Abu Bakar (RA) asked people to tell him
    when he goes wrong or when they want somebody else to take his place as Caliph.
    Such ideas, were promoted in the West by John Locke, and strongly influenced the development of British parliamentary democracy and, as defined in the social contract theory of Jean Jacques Rousseau, helped form the philosophical justification for the American and French Revolutions.

    The idea that equality of opportunity can be maintained through political democracy alone has long been challenged by socialists and others, who insist that economic
    democracy through economic equality and public ownership of the major means of production is the only foundation upon which a true political democracy can be erected.

    The United Nations issued a study in 2002 that stated that in more than half the world's nations the rights and freedoms of citizens are limited.

    With the collapse of one-party Communist rule in Eastern Europe, the fall of
    authoritarian dictatorships in Latin America, and the end of some
    one-party states in sub-Saharan Africa, however, the number of true
    multiparty democracies has increased. Despite the increase in the
    number of countries holding multiparty elections, essence of true democracy
    is missing. For instance in India popular movement for separation are
    crushed ruthlessly and India is more like a Hindu tyranny. In US and SA
    for a long time apartheid denied rights to many people. Palestine, Chechynia
    and some Islands of Philippines suffer from Human rights abuses.

    The essence of true democracy require that veto powers in UN
    should not be allowed.

    The standards of adult franchise or universal suffrage vary from country to
    country and there is certainly a need for making qualifications of voters
    and the candidates stricter so that jerks and dishonest persons may
    not obscure the values of democracy.




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Voice of Moderate Muslims

Voice of Moderate Muslims
Voice of Moderate Muslims

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Moderate Islam Speaker
Moderate Islam Speaker

quraan burning

Planned Muslim Response to Qur'an Burning by Pastor Jones on September 11 in Mulberry, Florida

August 19, 2013| Dallas, Texas

Mike Ghouse
Text/Talk: (214) 325-1916

Mirza A Beg
(205) 454-8797



We as Muslims plan to respond to pastor Terry Jones' planned burning of 3000 copies of Quran on September 11, 2013 in positive terms.

Our response - we will reclaim the standard of behavior practiced by the Prophet concerning “scurrilous and hostile criticism of the Qur’an” (Muhammad Asad Translation Note 31, verse 41:34). It was "To overcome evil with good is good, and to resist evil by evil is evil." It is also strongly enjoined in the Qur’an in the same verse 41:34, “Good and evil deeds are not equal. Repel evil with what is better; then you will see that one who was once your enemy has become your dearest friend.”

God willing Muslims will follow the divine guidance and pray for the restoration of Goodwill, and on that day many Muslim organizations will go on a “blood drive” to save lives and serve humanity with kindness.

We invite fellow Americans of all faiths, races, and ethnicities to join us to rededicate the pledge, “One nation under God”, and to build a cohesive America where no American has to live in apprehension, discomfort or fear of fellow Americans. This event is a substitute for our 10th Annual Unity Day Celebration (www.UnitydayUSA.com) held in Dallas, but now it will be at Mulberry, Florida.

Unwittingly Pastor Jones has done us a favor by invigorating us by his decision to burn nearly 3000 copies Quran on September 11, 2013. Obviously he is not satisfied by the notoriety he garnered by burning one Qur'an last year.

As Muslims and citizens we honor the free speech guaranteed in our constitution. We have no intentions to criticize, condemn or oppose Pastor Terry Jones' freedom of expression. Instead, we will be donating blood and praying for goodness to permeate in our society.

We plan to follow Jesus Christ (pbuh), a revered prophet in Islam as well as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – that of mitigating the conflicts and nurturing good will for the common good of the society.

We hope, this event and the message will remind Muslims elsewhere in the world as well, that violence is not the way. Muslims, who react violently to senseless provocation, should realize that, violence causes more violence, and besmirches the name of the religion that we hold so dear. We believe that Prophet Muhammad was a mercy to the mankind, and we ought to practice what we believe and preach. We must not insult Islam by the negative reactions of a few.

We can only hope it will bring about a change in the attitude of the followers of Pastor Jones, and in the behavior of those Muslims who reacted violently the last time Pastor sought notoriety – We hope this small step towards a bridge to peaceful coexistence would propel us towards building a cohesive society.

Like most Americans a majority of Muslims quietly go about their own business, but it is time to speak up and take positive action instead of negative reaction. May this message of peace and goodwill reverberate and reach many shores.

Lastly, we appreciate the Citizens of Mulberry, Florida, Honorable Mayor George Hatch, City Commissioners, police and Fire Chiefs for handing this situation very well. This will add a ‘feather of peace’ in the City’s reputation. We hope Mulberry will be a catalyst in showing the way in handling conflict with dignity and peace.

We thank the Media for giving value to the work towards peace rather than conflict.

URL- http://worldmuslimcongress.blogspot.com/2013/08/planned-muslim-response-to-quran_18.html

Thank you.


The people in Dallas are making an effort to understand and clean their own hearts first, when we are free from bias, it would be easy to share that with others. Islam teaches us in so many ways to "respect the otherness of others" and it is time we find simple practical ways of doing it.