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Iranian Muslim intellectuals protest
Muslim intellectuals protest to EU follows my commentary;

Three things jump from this piece;

i) That it is the voice of the intellectuals from Iran and was in a way endorsed by the government of Iran to have delivered by the Tehran Embassy. I hope the Iranian government is reflective of her people, as of now, it is not the case. It sounds very much like our administration; it does not reflect the sentiments of an overwhelming majority of Americans.

ii) “Muslims no longer expect pluralism from you but just some politeness and justice,” the statement explains. I do hope we can expect Pluralism from the Iranian government. The rumors about mistreatment of Jews, Sufis and Bahai’s turned out to be a hoax, as we have worked on it two years ago. I am not sure if the Government of Iran practices Pluralism, certainly the intellectuals do, and no matter what country they live.

iii) The Iranian government needs to back off from denying Holocaust, it certainly can search for the answers but not hurt the sentiments of people who are hurt, whose faith in mankind was tarnished, and who stood hopelessly to be killed.

Much of the ire Iran has raised against herself comes from its administration and not her people. Ahmedinejad's words are cause of much of the conflict; he is bent on winning battles of wits with his partner Bush in dumbness, but forgets about losing the goodwill of the people around the globe. The hawks in Israel like Olmert are simply mirroring this Hawk Ahmedinejad.

All these individual hawks must be challenged into a dialogue, if they refuse, then at least asked to fight a hand to hand wrestling in an arena and leave the rest of the world in peace.

Mike Ghouse
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Muslim intellectuals protest to EU

TEHRAN – Hundreds of Muslim intellectuals released a statement here on Thursday condemning recent insults to Muslims and holy prophet by some western figures and governments.

This statement was delivered to the French government which holds the rotating presidency of the EU council by Iranian embassy in France.

The statement - signed by hundreds of poets, academics, intellectuals, writers, and journalists - calls on the European countries to quit their anti-Islamic efforts.

“This culture of violence and vindictive procedures which are often covered under the ‘liberty of speech’, not only targets the holy prophet but also other divine characters like Christ, Mary, Moses and Abraham.” the statement reads.

Denouncing German foreign minister’s support for these insults, the statement added, “The European Union’s support to Selman Rushdie and recent stupid caricatures and turning ‘freedom of speech’ into ‘freedom of insult’ is nothing but aggression and cultural terrorism.”

“Muslims no longer expect pluralism from you but just some politeness and justice,” the statement explains.

Elsewhere the statement reads, “The secular Europe should note it cannot compensate its Christian violence of the past centuries by secular and modern violence and in a prejudiced manner against Islam which played no role in Europe’s violence.”

In recent years there has been a growing wave of insults against the Holy Prophet and Muslims in some western countries like Denmark. Germany’s foreign minister called other nations to do the same.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Louvre's Islamic art gallery

First stone laid for Louvre's Islamic art gallery
Associated Press Writer

Eric Feferberg

Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Bin Abdul aziz Al Saud, center left shakes hands with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, center right, behind the first stone of the Louvre museum's future Islamic art department on Wednesday, July 16, 2008, in Paris, during the ceremony marking the launch of the works. In the background, from left to right, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's wife, Princess Ameera, spiritual leader of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims and the Aga Khan and French Culture minister Christine Albanel.

The first stone was laid Wednesday at the Louvre's new Arts of Islam gallery, the first major modern architectural addition to the museum since its famed glass pyramid was built in the 1980s.

President Nicolas Sarkozy and a major donor for the project, Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, took part in the ceremony to start work on the addition, which includes a shimmering glass wave hanging over a 19th-century courtyard. The project's architects say it resembles a cloud or a flying carpet.

The wing, expected to open in 2010, will display a vast collection of Islamic art from the seventh to the 19th century. At the groundbreaking ceremony, Sarkozy spoke of the need for dialogue between the West and the Middle East.

This gallery "will be the chance for all French and foreign visitors to the Louvre to see that Islam is progress, science, refinement, modernity, and that fanaticism in the name of Islam is to flout Islam," Sarkozy said.

The Louvre made a historic partnership with a country in the Muslim world when it announced its project for a Louvre Abu Dhabi museum in the United Arab Emirates last year.
"With Abu Dhabi, French museums are exporting, and here today it is Islam that is coming to the heart of France," French Culture Minister Christine Albanel said.

The gallery's construction, which will cost $100 million, will be led by French architect Rudy Ricciotti and Italian colleague Mario Bellini. The light-filled ground level, under the wave, will host sturdier artworks, while a second underground level will shelter delicate items such as manuscripts and carpets.

Ricciotti said the project was not inspired by the Louvre's pyramid, designed by I.M. Pei and completed in 1989.

"Here we're in a much more intimate approach, less symbolic, less monumental," he said.
The construction will not alter or hide the historic facades of the Visconti courtyard, located at the heart of the Louvre's south wing.

The Saudi donor, who is the grandson of the country's founding king, is one of the richest men in the world, ranked 13th by Forbes in 2007. His investments span the globe. In France, he invested in Disneyland Paris and owns the capital's historic Georges V hotel. In 2005, he donated the initial $26.9 million toward the Louvre's latest project, making him the single largest individual benefactor.

Other major contributors include the oil company Total and Lafarge, the world's largest cement maker, which both have interests in Saudi Arabia. The French state is supplying $31.8 million, while smaller amounts will come from Oman, Kuwait and Azerbaijan.

Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Bin Abdul aziz Al Saud, front left, and French president Nicolas Sarkozy, front right, places a map of the Louvre museum's future Islamic art department inside its first stone on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 in Paris, during a ceremony marking the launch of the works. In the background, from left to right, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's wife, Princess Ameera, Spiritual leader of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims the Aga Khan and French Culture minister Christine Albanel.

http://www.kansasci story/707787. html

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Interfaith forum in Saudi Arabia

Bismillah, it is a good beginning.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most religiously conservative societies, and is opening up to people of other faiths. The process began in 2005 when Saudi Emissaries started branching out all over the world to explore interfaith. In Dallas per the request of a Saudi minister, I had arranged for a 20 member meeting from Jewish, Islamic and Christian groups as an initial step towards including all faiths in the near future. Since then the Saudi Kingdom has taken series of steps in this direction culminating in interfaith dialogue series. First it was the same three groups; Judaism, Christianity and Islam and now, I am pleased it has included Hinduism and Buddhism.

I am further pleased to read the following statements “Abdullah Al-Turki, secretary-general of the MWL, said, “The aim of the conference is for us to get to know each other and look for ways to cooperate.” And their focus is on “humanitarian issues and challenges facing the world”. He further adds “that the conference would look at social and ethnic conflicts, environmental issues, the breakdown of the family and militant violence around the world.” He added the conferences would initially not focus on theological issues.

Years ago, I had a daily radio show called “Wisdom of Religion, all the beautiful religions” which ran for full two years. Our focus was on the message of each one of the religions and how the common man on the street could relate with the essence of each faith.

God willing, the World Muslim Congress, the Memnosyne Foundation and the Foundation for pluralism from Dallas will work towards creating a better world of co-existence.

Jazak Allah Khair

Mike Ghouse

Interfaith forum begins today
Badea Abu Al-Naja Arab News

MADRID: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah will open here today an international interfaith conference that aims to allow representatives of the world’s great religions to get to know each other.

The Muslim World League (MWL) has organized the World Conference on Dialogue on the directives of King Abdullah. The king “has been calling for this type of dialogue between religions for the past three years,” Saleh Al-Namlah, undersecretary at the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information, told reporters.

Around 200 people are expected to attend the event. They include representatives of the world’s major religions: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. Secretary-General of the World Jewish Congress Michael Schneider and Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, who is in charge of dialogue between the Vatican and Muslims, are prominent among them.

The interfaith idea, which comes after the Saudi king held talks with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican in November last year, has sparked interest from Jewish and Christian groups around the world.

Abdullah Al-Turki, secretary-general of the MWL, said, “The aim of the conference is for us to get to know each other and look for ways to cooperate.”

He added that Saudi Arabia “affirms to the whole world its openness and cooperation with the world community.”

The MWL chief said the conference would avoid theological issues and instead focus on “humanitarian issues” and challenges facing the world. “Islam requires Muslims to inform people about Islam as the final divine message that came after the previous prophets, and that they must also challenge the link between Islam and extremist violence,” he said.

He added that the conference would look at social and ethnic conflicts, environmental issues, the breakdown of the family and militant violence around the world.

Al-Turki said many international organizations concerned with dialogue, human rights and global cooperation have welcomed the interfaith conference.

He hoped the conference would change the minds of the protagonists of a clash of civilizations. “Some researchers in the West still deal with Islamic civilization thinking that it would definitely clash with the Western civilization,” he pointed out.

The MWL secretary-general said the dialogue would help remove misunderstandings about Islam. “The conference will help save humanity from wars, injustice and corruption,” he added.
He reiterated Islam’s rejection of terrorism. “Terrorism is an international phenomenon and cannot be linked to a particular religion, country, people or culture.”

Al-Turki spoke about MWL’s long-standing tradition of holding dialogues with leaders of other faiths in the past 50 years. He urged the media to work for promoting a culture of dialogue among followers of different religions and cultures.

After the inaugural session attended by King Abdullah and King Juan Carlos of Spain, four sessions will be held before a final communiqué is read out on Friday.

Spain was chosen as the site for the conference as it is “a natural place for this type of dialogue” since for centuries it has been home to members of three of the world’s great religions, said Saudi Ambassador Prince Saud ibn Naif.

Furthermore, the UN Alliance of Civilizations, aimed at promoting dialogue between different cultures, was the idea of Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

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Saudi king calls for 'new page' in inter-faith dialogue
Argentina Star
Wednesday 16th July, 2008

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah called for a 'new page for humanity' in inter-religious understanding Wednesday, saying it could help the world recover lost values and emerge from confusion.

Islam was a religion of moderation and tolerance, the monarch said in inaugurating the World Conference on Dialogue, a major inter-faith event sponsored by Saudi Arabia in the Spanish capital.

Earlier initiatives had failed because they sought to merge religions, an attempt doomed to failure, because all religions were convinced of their own beliefs despite God being the same for all, King Abdullah said.

Human tragedies were not caused by religions, but by extremism, the monarch explained.

Spain's King Juan Carlos said inter-faith dialogue could help solve problems including terrorism, hunger, disease and poverty.

Muslim World League Secretary-General Abdullah al-Turki called on delegates attending the three-day conference in Madrid to produce concrete projects with follow-up plans.

Around 200 Muslim, Christian and Jewish clergy and other experts on inter-religious dialogue were expected at the meeting instigated by Saudi Arabia in what was seen as a ground-breaking move for the conservative Muslim kingdom.

Experts and intellectuals, including Lebanese Culture Minister Tariq Mitri and Vatican inter-faith specialist Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, were to analyze issues such as the civilization foundations of inter-faith dialogue, ways to promote it, and common human values.

The conference, which also includes representatives of Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism, is taking place against the backdrop of the Middle East conflict and controversy over caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed, but it was expected to shun political questions.

The sessions are closed to the media, with a final communique expected Friday.

Organised by the World Muslim League, the conference was partly inspired by King Abdullah's unprecedented meeting with Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican in November 2007, and by the International Islamic Conference for Dialogue in Mecca last June.

Detractors slammed the Madrid conference as a public relations operation by Saudi Arabia after the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States, which were carried by mainly by Saudis inspired by Saudi-born Osama bin Laden.

It was ironic for a meeting on religious tolerance to be sponsored by Saudi Arabia, where people other than Sunni Muslims had few rights, critics said. There were few Shia Muslim participants, and none of the Jewish participants were listed as Israelis, they added.

Others praised the initiative, with the World Jewish Congress describing it as a 'significant and timely development'.

The organisers were believed to have chosen Spain as the host country, because domestic opposition would have made it difficult to stage the conference in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Turki said Spain had been chosen because of the religious tolerance that characterized it when it was partly under Moorish rule for eight centuries until 1492.

Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in a relative harmony in Moorish Spain, known as al-Andalus. 'The image of al-Andalus made us hold this conference in Spain,' al-Turki told the daily El Mundo.

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Separating Jihadists fact and fiction

Glenn Carle dares to write, “Separating Jihadists fact and fiction”

Throughout the history of mankind, insecure men have found their false security in rattling up others, they have been wrong and will continue to err. You cannot have security when others around you are not; neither can you have peace when others can’t.

The Neocons believe in keeping the Americans frightened, and when we are vulnerable, they get away doing things that are not in the interest of our nation. Their polices have done nothing but destruction around the World and they have figured out the formula very well; to rule, you have to keep the public scared all the times and it is okay to manufacture the facts and tread on immorality.

It is like the 6 o’clock news, for 20 minutes all you see is murder, robbery, arson and other evils of the society, it is indeed a minute tiny speck of the truth but not the whole truth. Because you, your family members and your friends have made back home safely. Terrorism is there, but much of it is cooked up by the Neocons and their bonded media men. It is time to dare the scare.

Mike Ghouse is a Speaker, Thinker and a Writer. He is president of the Foundation for Pluralism and is a frequent guest on talk radio and local television network discussing interfaith, political and civic issues. He is the founding president of World Muslim Congress with a simple theme: Good for Muslims and good for the world. His comments, news analysis and columns can be found on the Websites and Blogs listed at his personal website Mike is a Dallasite for nearly three decades and Carrollton is his home town. He can be reached at

Glenn Carle: Separating Jihadists fact and fiction
12:00 AM CDT on Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Glenn L. Carle, a member of the CIA's Clandestine Service for 23 years, retired in March 2007 as deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats.

Sen. John McCain has repeatedly characterized the threat of "radical Islamic extremism" as "the absolute gravest threat ... that we're in against." Before we simply accept this, we need to examine the nature of the terrorist threat facing our country. If we do so, we will see how we have allowed the specter of that threat to distort our lives and take our treasure.

The "Global War on Terror" has conjured the image of terrorists behind every bush, the bushes themselves burning and an angry god inciting its faithful to religious war. The inclination to trust our leaders when they warn of danger is compelling, particularly when the specters of mushroom clouds and jihadists haunt every debate.

In my 23 years in the CIA, I drafted or was involved in many of the government's most senior assessments of the threats facing our country. I have devoted years to understanding and combating the jihadist threat.

From that experience base, I suggest that the next commander in chief base his counterterrorism policies on the following realities:

• We do not face a global jihadist "movement," but a series of disparate ethnic and religious conflicts involving Muslim populations, each of which remains fundamentally regional in nature and almost all of which long predate the existence of al-Qaeda.

Osama bin Laden and his disciples are small men and secondary threats whose shadows are made large by our fears. Al-Qaeda is the only global jihadist organization and is the only Islamic terrorist organization that targets the U.S. homeland.

Al-Qaeda remains capable of striking here and is plotting from its redoubt in Waziristan, Pakistan. The organization, however, has only a handful of individuals capable of planning, organizing and leading a terrorist operation. Al-Qaeda threatens to use chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons, but its capabilities are far inferior to its desires.

Even the "loose nuke" threat, whose consequences would be horrific, has a very low probability. For the medium term, any attack is overwhelmingly likely to consist of creative uses of conventional explosives.

• No other Islamic-based terrorist organization targets the U.S. homeland, is part of a "global jihadist movement," or has more than passing contact with al-Qaeda. These groups do and will, however, identify themselves with global jihadist rhetoric and may bandy the bogey-phrase of "al-Qaeda." They are motivated by hostility toward the West and fear of the irresistible changes that education, trade and economic and social development are causing in their cultures.
These regional terrorist organizations may target U.S. interests or persons in the groups' historic areas of interest and operations. None of these groups is likely to succeed in seizing power or in destabilizing the societies they attack, though they may succeed in killing numerous people through sporadic attacks such as the Madrid train bombings.

• There are and will continue to be small numbers of Muslims in certain Western countries – in the dozens, perhaps – who seek to commit terrorist acts, along the lines of the British citizens behind the 2005 London subway and bus bombings. Some may have irregular contact with al-Qaeda central in Waziristan; more will act as free agents for their imagined cause. We need to catch and neutralize these people. But they do not represent a global movement or a global threat.

The threat from Islamic terrorism is no larger now than it was before Sept. 11, 2001. Islamic societies the world over are in turmoil and will continue for years to produce small numbers of dedicated killers, whom we must stop. U.S. and allied intelligence do a good job at that; these efforts, however, will never succeed in neutralizing every terrorist everywhere.

We must not delude ourselves about the nature of the terrorist threat to our country. We must not take fright at the specter our leaders have exaggerated. In fact, we must see jihadists for the small, lethal, disjointed and miserable opponents that they are.

Glenn L. Carle, a member of the CIA's Clandestine Service for 23 years, retired in March 2007 as deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats.

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For the sake of Biblical Prophecies

For the sake of Biblical Prophecies
By Saeed Qureshi

Brother Saeed,

It is time for you to have your own blog. Call me I will set it up for you. By far it is one of your best written articles, Congratulations. It was an enlightening read. Thank you.

Your article follows my suggestions below.

A few suggestions; -

I wish there was a way to pull the paragraph about Jesus coming back and ruling for 1000 years from an Islamic point of view, much earlier than where it is now.

I would qualify the words Christians, Muslims or Jews used in the essay by adding the words like “few extremist literalist Christians, Jews or Muslims” as the majority of each group does not subscribe to God’s plan to destroy his own creation deliberately and for what? All brands are fashioned by God, he would not favor one over the other as it amounts to injustice, and God is about Justice.

“Now the vast majority of Jews neither believe in life after death….” This needs to be verified.

“So it is quite evident that according to Christians belief, by allowing the Christians to fight a proxy holy war on their behalf with the infidel contestants i.e. Muslims, the Jews are digging their own grave and moving towards their own extinction” It is an interesting observation. Martin Neomeller wrote a poem during the WWII about “first they came for the Jews….” The extremists among all of us, be it Christian, Jews, Muslims or Hindus are the danger to society, and not the religion brought out by Christ, Mohammad, Krishna or Moses.

“Armageddon was to be carried out by Jesus himself. Therefore, Bush cannot be cast in the role of a Jesus Christ.” Well said!

“It should be understood that the end time is calibrated by God and it would come on its own” – Great statement.

Brother Saeed, agree with your statement ” So how could some one figure out or know that God remained busy for seven days in creating all the existence and then he had to rest for the seven days as if he was tired like a human being. God is not bound by days, time or space.” But, this is the case with every faith, including Islam. Much of the system is based on faith and not facts. Every one can find a hole in the other faith, the best thing is leave it like it is, and it is faith.

We are talking about political division here and not the religion “But as a matter of fact, United States and the Christendom’s underlying main goal is exercise and maintain control over the world economy and natural resources. Incidentally most of the gas and oil reserves are located in the Islamic lands.” It is the darn self interest that evil prompts, it is not the religion. Neither religion promotes controlling of others, in fact, religion, every religion teaches one to be free from greed, possessive attitudes, anger, revenge….

If these men, the warring, destructive men wearing various religious labels can get even an ounce of religion in their blood stream, they would be good men. These criminals are not religious, even if they shout out loud that they are Muslims, Christians or Hindus.

Mike Ghouse is a Speaker, Thinker and a Writer. He is president of the Foundation for Pluralism and is a frequent guest on talk radio and local television network discussing interfaith, political and civic issues. He is the founding president of World Muslim Congress with a simple theme: Good for Muslims and good for the world. His comments, news analysis and columns can be found on the Websites and Blogs listed at his personal website Mike is a Dallasite for nearly three decades and Carrollton is his home town. He can be reached at


For the Sake of Biblical Prophecies

By Saeed Qureshi

On the basis of biblical prophecies about the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth, the Christendom, since the advent of Islam, has been fighting a global war against the Muslims and their occupation of Jerusalem. The first step towards that goal was to reestablish a Jewish homeland in the Middle East which has, already, been done in 1948. It is indeed paradoxical that the two rival religions, Christianity and Judaism complement each other in their war against the Muslims. The purpose of Jews was to reoccupy and retain the promised land of Palestine while the Christians aim is to pave way for the second coming of Jesus Christ so as to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

In one of his unguarded moments after 9/11 and invasion of Iraq, the incumbent US president G.W. Bush equated his onslaughts against the Muslims as the revival of the Crusades of the middle Ages. The revival call for crusades which is solely directed against the Muslims is rooted in the interpretation of the biblical prophecies by the orthodox Christian faithful. These ancient prophecies augur the complete sway of the Christianity on earth with Jesus Christ as the supreme monarch for about 1000 years of peace and blissful tranquility towards the end time. One of the seven preconditions that would result in the establishment of such a Godly Kingdom is to restore the land of Palestine to Jews.

It is in the backdrop of these prophecies attributed to several biblical prophets such as Daniel, Zechariah, and Isaiah that eight crusades were fought between Muslims and Christianity over a period of 175 years (1095-1270) with the Jews on the sidelines. That long drawn conflict remained inconclusive as the Christians and the Muslims alternated each other in capturing Jerusalem. It is almost seven centuries after those crusades that the mighty Christendom under the leadership of Conservative America has once again reopened the unfinished war with Muslims. The next phase in to engage the infidels in ¡Armageddon, (the prophesied final horrendous war between the two religious opponents i.e., pro Christ and anti Christ). This long drawn war would be fought by Jesus himself resulting in absolute victory over the anti-Christ. Thereafter the Kingdom of God lasting for a millennium would come into being. This period would be followed by resurrection of the dead and the Day of Judgment

According to the Christian dogma, after the handing over the holy land to Jews, the Christendom will see them destroyed too. The Kingdom of God under the eagerly awaited Messiah, who is supposed to reappear towards the end of time, would take the final shape. The people living in that Kingdom would all be Christians. The end of time is perceived to be very near according to Christian belief. The Diaspora Jews have been waiting for the first coming of the Jesus Christ. The Christians, however have been waiting for the second coming of Jesus after his crucifixion and ascension to heaven.

However, according to the biblical prophecies, it would be the Israel or the children of Israel who will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the war against the infidels and opponents of Jewish faith because the Christianity came much after these prophets. The ancient prophets have mentioned the coming of a prophet on the back of a donkey by which they meant Jesus Christ. But that had already happened. Although the second coming of Jesus is mentioned by Jesus himself, yet this is not believed by the Jews. They believe that the Jesus has yet to come.

Of late, most of the Jews don’t believe in the appearance of a Jesus Christ at all. For them the main goal of appearance of Jesus was to restore the biblical land of Palestine to the Jews. But after waiting for more than two centuries no Jesus or redeemer came that could accomplish this coveted task. They achieved this goal through political means which resulted in the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. But since this state is not of the size, they have had in the ancient times; they do every thing possible to expand its geographical boundaries. They, therefore, annexed land in their wars against their Arab neighbors to complete the contours of sacred promised biblical kingdom of Israel.

Now the vast majority of Jews neither believe in life after death nor do they believe that the 1000 years of Kingdom of God would be brought about by a redeemer called Jesus. They now believe that man himself would create such a kingdom of peace or paradise on earth. On the contrary, as earlier mentioned, Christians believe in the second coming of Jesus. The long period of war would be followed by a long period tranquility upon this earth. Thereafter the destruction and rebirth of the whole mankind and the final Day of Judgment would take place. This is what they call resurrection.

So it is quite evident that according to Christians belief, by allowing the Christians to fight a proxy holy war on their behalf with the infidel contestants i.e. Muslims, the Jews are digging their own grave and moving towards their own extinction. Even if they would not wish the Christians to wage a war against the Muslims for the Kingdom of God on earth, the Christians would, nevertheless, do this on their own for fulfilling the biblical prophecies. The Muslims are the real enemies for now while the Jews who are caught in the crossfire per force would be the next to be dealt with.

It is in the backdrop of these biblical premonitions that United States by dint of her military prowess, technological superiority and economic boom has launched a worldwide offensive against the Muslims. It is indeed killing two birds with one stone: to grab or control the natural resources of the Islamic lands besides fulfilling the ancient prophecies. Yet such a global war labeled as the war on terror would not have been possible presently, if there was another president instead of the evangelist George W Bush. Armageddon was to be carried out by Jesus himself. Therefore, Bush cannot be cast in the role of a Jesus Christ.

America was the first country to recognize the state of Israel in 1948. America has in fact revived the crusades for the same purpose that motivated the old crusaders in launching forays against the Muslims over a prolonged period of time to recapture Jerusalem. But it appears either the prophets were wrong or the end of time is far away yet. It seems as if Armageddon is being staged in Palestine and in the surrounding lands. Ironically, however, this Armageddon is being fought with the latest weapons and fighting techniques than what are mentioned in the Bible. The weaponry mentioned in the bible to be used in Armageddon is of primitive type. Perhaps the ancient prophets did not have the perception of the sophisticated and mass destruction weapons invented by the modern generation of humans.

Incidentally, the Muslims too believe in the advent of Jesus for the second time to clear the world of the infidels or non Muslims and then rule for 1000 years of peace. This period would be followed by Resurrection and Judgment or the Dooms Day. So there are colliding interpretations by Christians and Muslims about the arrival of Jesus and his role in overcoming the forces of evil.

Tragically, to prove the veracity of the esoteric and coded prophecies of the ancient prophets, America under unavoidable influence from the Neo-Cons has embarked upon a path of self destruction through a colossal military involvement in the Middle East as well as in Afghanistan. Elsewhere too, it is busy in wiping out the Muslims as a religious entity or at least weakening them both economically and militarily. In the modern enlightened times although, the schisms, divisions, hatred and prejudice on the basis of different creeds and religions should not exist, the Neo-Cons have driven and engaged America into a deadly and frenzied war of faith that is causing irreparable dents to America’s economy and moral fiber. Hence the resultant financial global cataclysm and the economic downslide at home in America. The Middle East has been turned into an inferno whose blaze would keep burning for a long time to come.

But can we believe the prophecies of an age when man’s vision of the nature and the interplay of forces in the universe were extremely narrow and negligible? It should be understood that the end time is calibrated by God and it would come on its own. It cannot be brought earlier by man either by wrongly interpreting the old prophecies or reinventing them by false and dubious logic. Secondly the fight against the evil would be initiated by one man: in this case Jesus Christ and not by a country. It should also be understood that not every word of the old scriptures is true and their interpretations can be misleading or spurious.

The Bible consisting of 66 episodes was written over a period of 1600 years by at least 40 individuals. The old bible is for the Jews and the new is for the Christians. These two books contradict each other as the New Testament is an account of only Jesus Christ and it is entirely against the Jewish belief. As for the Old Testament, the Christians believe in them partially (and so do the Muslims), because the total belief would justify and validate Judaism. If the Jewish clergy managed to hang a prophet and Son of God (Christians¢ belief) then how can the complete commonalty of beliefs come about between the Jews and the Christians? So their current union is exigent and directed at annihilation or browbeating Muslims.

The both versions of Bible were written again and again in the history. At least two times (leaving expulsion from Spain in 1492 AD) before and after the birth of Jesus Christ, the Jewish believers suffered persecution. Their temples were destroyed including Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem, their religious record including the Old Testament burnt and they were dispersed. The Diaspora Jews resurrected the old stories and rewrote them. There is a plethora of gross errors committed by these writers because they were not witnesses of the happenings as mentioned in the Bible. Since these writers happened in different times they could not be inspired to write the same text verbatim. Their versions were naturally different from each other both in text and description.

Same is the case with the New Testament also called the Christian Greek Scriptures comprising 27 books. These 27 books containing 4 gospels or four versions of the new bible besides letters and acts of early missionaries were written much after the Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Jesus Christ himself also promised a Heavenly Kingdom. But this Kingdom of Heaven is certainly not what the Jews want. If the Jews don’t believe in Jesus and rather hanged him, how can they believe in his promise of a Kingdom of God on earth?

The first gospel or New Testament’s version was written by Mathew almost 40 years after the ascension of Jesus to Heaven. Even that period is doubtful. So should we believe or agree that they reproduced word for word what was said or uttered by Jesus? It is not possible to retain such a huge memory by human beings. So the whole correlation of writings becomes doubtful. The other version of Bible written by three writers namely John, Peter and Mark are the replicas or reproduction of what the first writer wrote. But while writing their versions they had to use their own words and omit so many details that were mentioned by the foremost writer. Otherwise there was hardly any reason to write the original version again and again.

As for Genesis or the creation of the universe (the first chapter of the Old Testament), it is simply incredible that a witness or scribe was present beside the creator to record all the minutest details of God’s engagement in crafting this complex and huge world and beyond that the universe. The writer dishes out the details of creation as if he was watching while God was busy in creating the material world like a potter. No one has, so far, understood God. God is beyond time and space. So how could some one figure out or know that God remained busy for seven days in creating all the existence and then he had to rest for the seven days as if he was tired like a human being. God is not bound by days, time or space. As such all these episodes are the fabrication and fanciful explanation of the unknown by the scribes, who could not be aware of the complexities of the laws working in the universe. Their augury about the future also falls into this category.

But as a matter of fact, United States and the Christendom’s underlying main goal is exercise and maintain control over the world economy and natural resources. Incidentally most of the gas and oil reserves are located in the Islamic lands. They want that either the Muslims should willingly hand over the control or sale of these precious resources to the industrialized countries on the latter’s terms as the Saudis have done or else sell them to the affluent nations on throw away prices. It is necessary that such countries should not be militarily strong and leave their security and defense to the stronger countries. Such countries or their segments of population that are defiant and against the exploitation of their resources by the developed countries are either being sidelined or suppressed through use of brute military force under the ruse of clash of civilizations, fundamentalism or radical religious terrorism. The trumpeting of the bogey of clash of civilizations, the religious terrorism besides deployment of massive military machine are part of the strategy to either own or control the oil, gas and other resources and their shipping routes.

In order to prepare and motivate their societies, it is necessary to raise an equally motivating and convincing slogan. Hence the opposing religious practitioners are labeled terrorists and enemies of the Christian civilizations based on bible’s teaching and modern enlightenment. Basically all this strategy is geared towards marginalizing the opposition groups and eliminating the pockets of resistance to their universal agenda of mustering control of global economy in their favor. The developed nations think that they can prevail by dint of their superior technology, vibrant economy and political clout via United Nations and its affiliated organs.

This goal could have been achieved even otherwise if United States would have; instead owning or administering the natural resources shared them with the respective countries. It could invest money into mineral rich countries, development of infrastructure, establishment of industries and exploration of natural resources. In order to subdue the Islamic countries it has come out with a religious war based on military conquests, annihilation and complete take over. Such a policy is now backfiring. The present day world is different from the old colonial eras. Now small countries and warring bands can acquire lethal weapons and keep a mighty army at bay as we can see in Afghanistan and Iraq. These groups can be either nationalist revolutionaries or radical defenders of their faith against powerful countries like United States that use a combination of ideology and military force to economically colonize the other nations.

The Islamic radical insurgency in various Islamic lands is the result of the policy of a war being waged in the name of civilization and religion. United States is now bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan and may want to get out of that continuous hellish impasse, but is restrained by her vanity and ego of a super power status. But the more it drags its feet on winding up this self suicidal conflict, the more it would suffer human and financial toll. The erosion of integrity and moral rudder is besides. It seems to be the replay of the Viet Nam war saga.

United States must understand that a military victory in the conflict zones was getting slimmer day by day. The astronomical loss of three trillion dollars has turned counterproductive and decidedly gone down the drain. How much monetary loss U.S. is ready to suffer is for the leadership of that country to ponder? But the hard logic and the ground realities demand that sooner U.S. discards its hegemonic military offensive against the ever ballooning and reorganizing militants, the better it would be for her and the rest of the world. There is no loss of face in such a reversal or retreat of the policy as the ongoing war is neither moral nor fruitful. The biblical prophecies cannot serve as a worthy cause for destroying the human race.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saving environment through faith

Saving the environment through faith

I am pleased to see that father Andang has taken up the responsibility to educate the public to be environmentally conscious. If All the leaders in faith can take this up, one item at a time, the world would be a better place to live. Congratulations to Father Andang.

My grade school teacher Mr. Abdul Hakim used to tell us the kids who would sit any place without thinking... he would say, watch the dog before it sits, it cleans the broken glass or rock with its tail. He has made us conscious of where we sit, where we step and be aware of it.

There is a saying among Muslims that cleanliness is half the belief in God or faith, and that needs to be encouraged.

The average Muslim is not conscious of hygiene, every one throws the trash on the street, right in front of their home... we need to take on this on our own and clean our own place and not wait for the municipality to do.

It is us who breathe that air, it is us whose' health is of concern, it is our neighborhood. Others may not join our efforts in cleaning... but over the time, they will. It benefits the whole neighborhood.

If we can do these simple things:

1. When we walk out of the public bathrooms, the sink and the commode will be cleaner than before we used it.

2. When we finished eating, the plate is not a mess with left overs, eat what we can and not take more than we can eat.

3. Keep the area where you work as clean as you can.

Just do it.

Mike Ghouse

Andang Binawan: saving the environment through faith
Prodita Sabarini, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Social transformation can begin with waste management, a Catholic priest believes. With this belief, he focuses his pastoral duties on guiding people's garbage habits.

From a Driyarkara School of Philosophy's student lodging in Central Jakarta, where he acts as head of the dorm, Father Andang Binawan tells The Jakarta Post about his simple idea.

"Garbage is an entry point to a concern for something bigger. From there we can achieve good waste management, a healthy environment and an inclusive, pluralistic society," he says.
The 47-year-old is sitting in the front room wearing a black shirt with light brown trousers. His hair is black and thick, which suits his firm but soft voice.

Andang Binawan became the Jakarta bishop's environmental specialist two years ago. The church incorporated an environmental section in their program in 2006, focusing on solid waste management, appointing Andang as coordinator.

Andang teaches at the Driyarkara School of Philosophy. "My background is actually not in the environment. My discipline is Catholic law and human rights. However, since I have been appointed (to focus on environmental issues), I have studied more about the environment," he says. His program focuses on changing people's waste management habits.

"First is to make people put garbage in the right place; second is to make people separate their garbage into organic and inorganic waste; and third is to make people compost their organic waste by building biopores or using other composting techniques," he says.

After two years of campaigning for the environment, the student lodging now has a green and shady garden. Plant pots from water bottles line the fence.
"We use our own compost from our organic waste," he said.
Andang has always had an interest in nature, especially plants, since he was a child. He says that he likes gardening and learned to make compost in elementary school.

Caring for the environment is in line with the Catholic value of compassion. "It is different from feeding the poor or sending a child to school or giving clothes to victims of disaster, as you don't see the people you help (when doing the charity work). But caring for the environment means compassion for the next generation," he says.

He set up a church youth group called Gropes, which is short for Gerombolan Pencari Sampah (Garbage Seeker Gang), and has asked churches in Jakarta to encourage their congregations to manage their waste properly.

His efforts do not stop there.
Learning that about 15.3 percent of Jakarta's 27,633 cubic meters of garbage, which is around 6,000 tons a day, is thrown along streets, in parks and rivers, the priest realized he would need a lot of help to clean up the city.

So he gathered together other religious-based groups to work together on solving Jakarta's garbage problem, forming an alliance called Faith Movement to Care for Jakarta (Gempita).
The groups include Maarif Institute, Wahid Institute, Clean and Healthy Life Movement, Lantan Bentala Foundation, Interfaith Dialog Society, Indonesia Institute for Pluralism, the Nadhatul Ulama and Muhamadiyah youth groups, the Kemang Pratama Indonesian Christian Church and others.

"It is impossible to work alone in changing people's habits. If I worked alone, I would just get frustrated. That is why we should work together," he says.

"Faith in religious values is a powerful driving force. And Indonesia is a very religious country. Assuming that each religious group already has values to care for the environment, it will be easier to change people's habits toward the environment through religion," he says.
He says that this is where garbage enters the scene, as everyone, regardless of their religious affiliation, produces garbage.

Andang says that human behavior is one aspect that religion deals with.
"As religious values are connected to human behavior, religion can help social change by guiding human beings to more civilized behavior."

Launched in May 2008, Gempita is working on a joint program.

"Hopefully in August we will have training on waste management for members.
"Working together can make everyone more spirited in tackling the program. We can also share experiences on how each group attempts to manifest their values on caring for the environment," he says.

Amidst the rise of religious fundamentalism in Indonesia, Gempita is a fresh development that promotes inclusiveness and plurality.

"Fighting against the same enemy, which is environmental damage, can help religious groups to live and work harmoniously together," Andang says.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

CAIR Chairman Ahmed Resigns

Four pieces to read, two added today, July 22, 2008;
Cair and Pervaz Ahmed need to clarify these allegations, as they stand.
With the exception of a few, American Muslims believe in co-existence and contributing towards the well being of our nation. They inherently repsect each faith without any reservation. The opinion of the majority of Muslims must be given a voice.

CAIR and Parvaz Ahmed need to clarify the allegations leveled against the organization in view of his resignation.

American Muslims believe in co-existence, and are the participating and contributing members of our nation. They inherently respect others faith without any reservation. It is time for majority of Muslims to have that voice.

Who are the Islamists? They are the control freaks who will pick up a stick to frighten or straighten you. Their insecurities are apparent in terms of their inability to dialogue; instead they run with the circular logic.

The civil societies have evolved with the idea of co-existence and the Islamists do not believe in it, nor do they believe in the validity of another point of view. The same statement goes with the Neocons be it Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Jewish label wearers.

They do not believe in co-existence, nor do they have the capacity to see another point of view. To them their understanding of the faith is the only way, which is fine, but their agenda is to impose their understanding on others and that is simply not acceptable. They believe God has appointed them to run the world, but they are a very insignificant minority with a burning desire to impose their views on others. Their time is up now. It is time for the moderate majority to represent the faith.

The Muslim base is open minded and believes in democracy, pluralism and separation of church and the state as most Americans believe.

CAIR is not in the business of political Islam, they are in the business of defending the civil rights of Muslims in particular and eventually Americans in general. Another Ahmed was accused of saying that the purpose of Muslims in America was to rule America; they do not have any proof other than their word, given that, whose word would you buy into? I would rather buy Mr. Ahmed’s words, as he claims he did not say those words, whereas the WorldNet people are yet to produce any proof.

Most Muslims including me believes that CAIR, ISNA and other organizations are NOT Islamists in nature, they represent the views of the moderate majority of Muslims.

However, the resignation of Pervaz Ahmed is brewing rumors that may not be true, it is time for CAIR and Mr. Ahmed to speak up and tell the truth. Muslims are in America to live their own lives as every one else, they do not have any agenda to rule America, the Neocons do, not the Christians, not the Muslims, not the Jews and others.

Mike Ghouse, President
World Muslim Congress

July 9, 2008

CAIR Chairman Resignation Needs Careful Analysis
M. Zuhdi Jasser

The recent departure of Parvez Ahmed from CAIR's Board of Directors and his leadership post was just noted by my fellow blogger- Left Coast Conservative.

In the Florida Times Union piece, Jeff Brumley cites Dr. Ahmed's grievances over CAIR's lack of appeal to "less religious Muslims" and youth. He also criticizes their grievances as always appearing anti-American.

If Dr. Ahmed had cited disagreement with the Islamist ideology of his co-directors at CAIR I would have taken note. If Dr. Ahmed had cited CAIR's inability to name terrorist organizations like AL Qaeda, HAMAS, Hizbullah, and others by name, I would have taken note. If Dr. Ahmed had cited CAIR's ultimate goal to implement sharia through requests for accommodation as a minority while pushing sharia law in other nations where Musilms are a majority I would have taken note. If Dr. Ahmed had cited his desire to join anti-Islamist movements and dissidents against the Islamist organizations which exist which are mainly Muslim Brotherhood front-groups, I would have taken note. But he did not.

Time will tell, what he and his fellow CAIR-departee, Ahmed Bedier in Florida do next. But from where I sit, looking at the comments he left with the Florida Times-Union, it appears to simply be a manifestation of a software upgrade for Islamists in the U.S. who are finding that their divisive agenda is failing miserably and they are looking for a way to re-tool their Islamist platform in a way which can more cunningly deceive the masses as being less divisive.

Note, Dr. Ahmed's references to the synergy of Islam with America. That is certianly the feeling of anti-Islamists. But Dr. Ahmed is no anti-Islamist. And nothing in his departure interview points to such an epiphany about the merits of the anti-Islamist Muslim stance. Until he begins to declare the need for Muslims to counter political Islam as embodied in groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and until he begins to lift up the need to separate religion from government in the Muslim mindset and keep sharia at home--I see nothing but a repositioning going on.

Simply put, some Islamists are growing unhappy with the current intransigence of the "old guard" and are upgrading to Islamism 2.0 which will be even harder for the untrained citizen to notice. But in the end. Islamism 2.0 can become 9.0 and it will still advocate for the Islamic state and not believe in secular constitutions like our US Constitution as being central in guiding government for society in Muslim majority nations.

We shouldn't let internal battles among Islamists distract us from the real contest of ideas regarding political Islam and the west to which all of these upgrades remain silent.

# # #

Another point of view

Chairman of Council on American-Islamic Relations resigns

He cites group's failure to be more proactive, open to younger Muslims.

By Jeff Brumley, The Times-Union

Jacksonville resident Parvez Ahmed has resigned as chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, saying he's frustrated about the national organization's failure to be more proactive and positive in its promotion of Muslim civil rights.

The nation's most well-known Muslim advocacy group, which he has led as board chairman since 2005, also needs to be more inclusive of younger, less-religious Muslims and encourage regular turnover of leadership ranks to ensure an infusion of new ideas, he told the Times-Union on Monday, a day after resigning.

These and other goals have been agreed to in principle by the organization's board and professional leadership, Ahmed said, but "an old guard mentality" among some of those leaders has kept elements of the strategic plan from being realized.

"And I got a little bit burned out pushing so hard" for the organization to be more open and transparent, he said.

The Washington, D.C.-based council declined to answer specific questions about Ahmed's comments. Instead, it e-mailed a four-sentence statement thanking Ahmed, 44, for his contributions and acknowledging differences in vision.

"Ultimately, the majority of organizational stakeholders supported a vision for implementing change and growth that differed from that of Dr. Ahmed," the statement said.
Two board members did not return phone calls seeking comment Monday.

An outspoken critic of the group said Ahmed did not capitalize on a golden opportunity to transform the organization.

The council was the only Muslim agency in the United States experiencing growth when Ahmed assumed its leadership, said Muqtedar Khan, director of Islamic Studies at the University of Delaware. But its continued foray into political and foreign-policy matters - such as seeking rights for foreign combatants held at Guantanamo Bay - has detracted from its mission of promoting Muslim-American rights, he said.

"He had an opportunity to take it to the next level and I think he failed," Khan said.
Ahmed said one of his unrealized goals was to transform the council into an organization that doesn't sound anti-American when it's criticizing government policies.

An example would be racial profiling, he said. In such cases the organization rightly criticizes the practice but routinely fails to work behind the scenes with government agencies to ultimately eliminate the practice.

Ahmed, a business professor at the University of North Florida, said his resignation has as much to do with a busy personal and professional life as it does with the council's sluggish movement. He's in the process of writing two books. And he said his children - a daughter, 11, and son, 7 - are beginning to require more of his time and energy for home schooling.
"I also wanted to send a message that a change in leadership is needed at the highest level, that we need some new blood at the board and executive levels," he said.

Ahmed has been a member of the council since 1991 but got actively involved after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. "Before that I was a very studious, quiet academic," he said.
By October of that year he had formed Pennsylvania's first council chapter and was named state chairman. In 2002 he had moved to Jacksonville to teach at UNF and was named chairman of Florida's council. At the time it boasted a $70,000 annual budget, one small office and a single part-time staffer. Today, he said, the council has additional offices in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, 10 full-time employees and an annual budget of $900,000.

Although he will no longer be involved with the national council, Ahmed said he hopes it will devote more resources to demonstrating that Americans and Muslims share the values of peace, justice, understanding and inclusiveness. "The values of Islam and the values of America are complimentary." (904) 359-4310

Notes by Iftekhar Hai

From last 2 years Parvez Ahmed wanted to bring in positive changes to improve CAIR but, religiously motivated board of directors did not give him support. Here is what he was asking:

1) CAIR concentrate on domestic issues like Civil Rights and Human Rights for American Muslims only NOT on Foreign Policy matters.

2) Do not involve Israel-Palestine issues with CAIR Civil Rights agenda.

3) Work with interfaith groups and build coalition - without the hidden agenda of proselytising or talking about Islam.

4) Recruit more young less religious American Muslims who will work on a secular agenda of Civil Rights and Human Rights. He never got the cooperation from other Board members who are more religiously inclined.

5) End all CAIR programs with American National Anthem. CAIR always starts all its programs with verses from the Quran - but they have never encouraged ending their program with National American Songs or National Anthem, like, "America the Beautiful."

6) CAIR also does not make it a point to display the American flag. It never encourages the American Islamic schools to ask the children to take the, "Pledge of Allegiance." Parvez Ahmed says, "I want to make CAIR more American organization - not anti-American" The religious minded Board of Directors failed to see his vision.

Iftekhar Hai UMA Interfaith Alliance Tel: 650-872-2578

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Largest Mosque in Canada opens

Largest mosque in Canada opens in Calgary to political fanfare

Congratulations to the Ahmadiyya Muslims of Calgary for building the Mosque, a community center. I hope it will thrive and become a center for learning and peace making.

I am surprised at Stevenson’s comment that “But unlike mainstream Muslims, the Ahmadiyya believe that Muhammad was not the final prophet.” I have read and heard differently than this or perhaps I am mistaken that the group believes in Prophet Muhammad as the last prophet and that HH Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was the promised Messiah.

We have always included Ahmadiyya into the fold of Muslims, however, the statement made by Imam Suharwardy that the Ahmadiyya are to Muslims, what Mormons are to Christians makes an interesting comparison.

I strongly urge the Ahmadiyya community to refrain from saying this particular phrase “… we do not believe in violent jihad ..” These are not the peace making words, the sentence alludes that other Muslims believe in violent Jihad. I have dealt with the same issue on local level at least on two occasions. One does become good on his or her own merit and not others perceived demerits.

I urge the few fanatics among us to leave the Ahmadiyya alone, let them practice their version of the faith as it works for them. After all, on the Day of Judgment, each one of us is accountable for our own deeds and not our kids, parents or community’s deeds. We are individually responsible for our actions and words, and we are certainly not responsible for what others say or do.

Mike Ghouse

Largest mosque in Canada opens in Calgary to political fanfare
Canadian Press
July 5, 2008 at 3:26 PM EDT

CALGARY — Calgary's Ahmadiyya community, an offshoot movement of Islam persecuted in some countries, was to officially open what is believed to be Canada's newest and largest mosque Saturday.

The country's top political leaders, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Opposition Leader Stéphane Dion, were expected to attend the ceremony.

The mosque complex covers more than 4,300 square metres and includes a community centre, classrooms, office space, children's area, kitchen, dining room and a multi-purpose hall.

The main outward features are its massive steel dome together with a steel-capped minaret tower.

When construction plans for the mosque started 14 years ago, there were no plans to make it Canada's largest, said Safeer Kahn, a spokesman for Calgary's Ahmadiyya community.

“We did not have intention on make it the biggest one. But when we started looking at our needs, we decided to make it for the future, not for the past,” he said.
About $8-million was raised by local Calgarians. Ahmadiyya from all over Canada also chipped in.

“People sold their houses and children broke their piggy banks and actually this was a great example of sacrificing,” Mr. Kahn said, adding the mosque complex will be open to everyone, whether they belong to Ahmadiyya or not.

“We welcome everyone here, and this mosque will be a symbol of peace. I assure you, Calgarians will be proud of having this building in their city.”

Members of the Ahmadiyya faith, which began in India and is now estimated to have about 70 million followers worldwide, call themselves Muslims and follow Islam's main tenets.

But unlike mainstream Muslims, the Ahmadiyya believe that Muhammad was not the final prophet. Instead, they maintain that he was followed by another prophet in the 19th century called Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who came in the spirit of Christ.

Just last month, thousands of Indonesian Muslims took to the streets of Jakarta calling for the government to ban Ahmadiyya.

The faith is considered non-Muslim in Pakistan's constitution and some consider it heretical.

Mr. Kahn said the discrimination in other parts of the world is precisely why the Ahmadiyya are thriving in Canada, where religious freedom is tolerated. “Anybody can have their own opinion and it does not affect us. We have our own goals and we do not believe in violent jihad and we believe that we are always open to discuss this issue.

“Religion is a personal matter and a person has the right to declare his religion so that's the right that Islam gave us.”

Calgarian Imam Sayed Soharwardy, founder of Muslims Against Violence and the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, said he respects the Ahmadiyya's right to religious freedom, but does not consider them to be Muslim.

“A lot of Muslims do not concede that they are Muslims,” he said recently. “They pray like us, they fast, they do everything except this one particular belief.

“They are our Mormons. I call them our Mormons because the Mormons had Joseph Smith and they had Mr. Ahmad. Some people express hate about them, but in my book there is no word ‘hate.' ”

http://www.theglobe servlet/story/ RTGAM.20080705. wmosque0705/ BNStory/Front/ home

Friday, July 4, 2008

Who owns the word “Allah” ?

The Malaysian Government need to learn that no one owns the word "Allah" nor does any one own "Allah". Same formula applies to the other names of God be it Yahweh, Ahura Mazda, Krishna, Allah, Ahura Mazda or any other name one can imagine to call on the creator.

As a Muslim I welcome every one to call God with his name in Arabic – "Allah" with equal devotion and honor. Quietly and peacefully this would be the response of over 99% of Muslims in the world. It is time for us not to run over by the few.

Full article at:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Who can speak for Islam?

Mike Ghouse

Any one can speak for Islam, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in his last sermon said that he is leaving this book of guidance, the Qur’aan to the followers. It is up to the individual to read, learn and understand one’s responsibilities. Islam is about freedom and individual responsibility and finding the truth is one’s own responsibility.There are several translations from great ones to flawed one’s; translations are human and not God’s words. One has to wade through them to understand the truth. I recommend the translations by Mohammad Asad, Yusuf Ali and Pickthal.

To be a Muslim is to be a peace maker, one who constantly seeks to mitigate conflicts and nurtures goodwill for peaceful co-existence of humanity. God wants us to live in peace and harmony with his creation; Life and Matter.

The World Muslim Congress is driven by the Qur’aan, Al-Hujurat, Surah 49:13: "O mankind! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. The noblest of you, in sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Allah Knows and is Aware."

We are developing a list of speakers who believe “My faith is dear to me, as other's faith is dear to them." We have to build bridges, mitigate conflicts and work for a world of co-existence. Honoring other traditions does not deplete divinity of one's own faith. For National speakers bureau, we are working on developing the list and it will be listed at For Dallas /Fort Worth area, please visit

Our MissionOur Mission is to work for a world of co-existence through inclusiveness and participation. As a member of diverse family of faiths, our efforts will be directed towards justice and equity to attain peace for the humankind with a firm grounding in commonly held values. We cannot have advantages at the cost of others. Such benefits are temporary and deleterious to lasting peace. We believe what is good for Muslims has got to be good for the world, and vice versa, to sustain it.Indeed we aspire to promote goodwill amongst people of different affiliations, regardless of their faith, gender, race, nationality, culture or any other uniqueness blessed by the creator.

Here is a beautiful Chapter (Sura) from Qur’aan that addresses the believers in other systems in the most dignified way, putting every one on par and without putting others down.God wants justice, fairness, balance and peace for his creation and communicates that through Qur’aan. Indeed, the Qur’aan begins addressing God, as God of the cosmos to include every one and concludes with the chapter addressing the humankind in general. There are lots of distortions and propaganda out there to fill one with hate towards the other and take out one's own peace of mind and peace of others. God is not about that and certainly Islam is not about that. It is your responsibilty to find the truth and if you do, you will find the peace.

109:1 SAY: "O you who deny the truth!Topics discussed in this Verse: [Unbelievers]
Qul ya ayyuha alkafiroonaقُلْ يَا أَيُّهَا الْكَافِرُونَ (109:1)Baset - Hussari - Minshawi
Writer’s understanding: Addressing those individuals who denied the truth spoken by the Prophet
109:2 "I do not worship that which you worship,
Topics discussed in this Verse: [Unbelievers]
La aAAbudu ma taAAbudoonaلَا أَعْبُدُ مَا تَعْبُدُونَ (109:2)
Baset - Hussari - Minshawi

109:3 and neither do you worship that which I worship!
[1]وَلَا أَنتُمْ عَابِدُونَ مَا أَعْبُدُ (
109:3) Baset - Hussari - Minshawi

109:4 "And I will not worship ~hat which you have [ever] worshipped,
Topics discussed in this Verse: [Unbelievers]Wala ana AAabidun ma AAabadtum
وَلَا أَنَا عَابِدٌ مَّا عَبَدتُّمْ
(109:4) Baset - Hussari - Minshawi

109:5 and neither will you [ever] worship that which I worship. [2]
Topics discussed in this Verse: [Unbelievers]Wala antum AAabidoona ma aAAbudu
وَلَا أَنتُمْ عَابِدُونَ مَا أَعْبُدُ
(109:5) Baset - Hussari - Minshawi


109:6 Unto you, your moral law, and unto me, mine !" [3]
Topics discussed in this Verse: [Islam] [Muhammad:faith of] [Unbelievers]
Lakum deenukum waliya deeniلَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ (109:
6) Baset - Hussari - Minshawi

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Voice of Moderate Muslims

Voice of Moderate Muslims
Voice of Moderate Muslims

Moderate Islam Speaker

Moderate Islam Speaker
Moderate Islam Speaker

quraan burning

Planned Muslim Response to Qur'an Burning by Pastor Jones on September 11 in Mulberry, Florida

August 19, 2013| Dallas, Texas

Mike Ghouse
Text/Talk: (214) 325-1916

Mirza A Beg
(205) 454-8797


We as Muslims plan to respond to pastor Terry Jones' planned burning of 3000 copies of Quran on September 11, 2013 in positive terms.

Our response - we will reclaim the standard of behavior practiced by the Prophet concerning “scurrilous and hostile criticism of the Qur’an” (Muhammad Asad Translation Note 31, verse 41:34). It was "To overcome evil with good is good, and to resist evil by evil is evil." It is also strongly enjoined in the Qur’an in the same verse 41:34, “Good and evil deeds are not equal. Repel evil with what is better; then you will see that one who was once your enemy has become your dearest friend.”

God willing Muslims will follow the divine guidance and pray for the restoration of Goodwill, and on that day many Muslim organizations will go on a “blood drive” to save lives and serve humanity with kindness.

We invite fellow Americans of all faiths, races, and ethnicities to join us to rededicate the pledge, “One nation under God”, and to build a cohesive America where no American has to live in apprehension, discomfort or fear of fellow Americans. This event is a substitute for our 10th Annual Unity Day Celebration ( held in Dallas, but now it will be at Mulberry, Florida.

Unwittingly Pastor Jones has done us a favor by invigorating us by his decision to burn nearly 3000 copies Quran on September 11, 2013. Obviously he is not satisfied by the notoriety he garnered by burning one Qur'an last year.

As Muslims and citizens we honor the free speech guaranteed in our constitution. We have no intentions to criticize, condemn or oppose Pastor Terry Jones' freedom of expression. Instead, we will be donating blood and praying for goodness to permeate in our society.

We plan to follow Jesus Christ (pbuh), a revered prophet in Islam as well as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – that of mitigating the conflicts and nurturing good will for the common good of the society.

We hope, this event and the message will remind Muslims elsewhere in the world as well, that violence is not the way. Muslims, who react violently to senseless provocation, should realize that, violence causes more violence, and besmirches the name of the religion that we hold so dear. We believe that Prophet Muhammad was a mercy to the mankind, and we ought to practice what we believe and preach. We must not insult Islam by the negative reactions of a few.

We can only hope it will bring about a change in the attitude of the followers of Pastor Jones, and in the behavior of those Muslims who reacted violently the last time Pastor sought notoriety – We hope this small step towards a bridge to peaceful coexistence would propel us towards building a cohesive society.

Like most Americans a majority of Muslims quietly go about their own business, but it is time to speak up and take positive action instead of negative reaction. May this message of peace and goodwill reverberate and reach many shores.

Lastly, we appreciate the Citizens of Mulberry, Florida, Honorable Mayor George Hatch, City Commissioners, police and Fire Chiefs for handing this situation very well. This will add a ‘feather of peace’ in the City’s reputation. We hope Mulberry will be a catalyst in showing the way in handling conflict with dignity and peace.

We thank the Media for giving value to the work towards peace rather than conflict.


Thank you.


The people in Dallas are making an effort to understand and clean their own hearts first, when we are free from bias, it would be easy to share that with others. Islam teaches us in so many ways to "respect the otherness of others" and it is time we find simple practical ways of doing it.