Thursday, July 17, 2008

Interfaith forum in Saudi Arabia

Bismillah, it is a good beginning.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most religiously conservative societies, and is opening up to people of other faiths. The process began in 2005 when Saudi Emissaries started branching out all over the world to explore interfaith. In Dallas per the request of a Saudi minister, I had arranged for a 20 member meeting from Jewish, Islamic and Christian groups as an initial step towards including all faiths in the near future. Since then the Saudi Kingdom has taken series of steps in this direction culminating in interfaith dialogue series. First it was the same three groups; Judaism, Christianity and Islam and now, I am pleased it has included Hinduism and Buddhism.

I am further pleased to read the following statements “Abdullah Al-Turki, secretary-general of the MWL, said, “The aim of the conference is for us to get to know each other and look for ways to cooperate.” And their focus is on “humanitarian issues and challenges facing the world”. He further adds “that the conference would look at social and ethnic conflicts, environmental issues, the breakdown of the family and militant violence around the world.” He added the conferences would initially not focus on theological issues.

Years ago, I had a daily radio show called “Wisdom of Religion, all the beautiful religions” which ran for full two years. Our focus was on the message of each one of the religions and how the common man on the street could relate with the essence of each faith.

God willing, the World Muslim Congress, the Memnosyne Foundation and the Foundation for pluralism from Dallas will work towards creating a better world of co-existence.

Jazak Allah Khair

Mike Ghouse

Interfaith forum begins today
Badea Abu Al-Naja Arab News

MADRID: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah will open here today an international interfaith conference that aims to allow representatives of the world’s great religions to get to know each other.

The Muslim World League (MWL) has organized the World Conference on Dialogue on the directives of King Abdullah. The king “has been calling for this type of dialogue between religions for the past three years,” Saleh Al-Namlah, undersecretary at the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information, told reporters.

Around 200 people are expected to attend the event. They include representatives of the world’s major religions: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. Secretary-General of the World Jewish Congress Michael Schneider and Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, who is in charge of dialogue between the Vatican and Muslims, are prominent among them.

The interfaith idea, which comes after the Saudi king held talks with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican in November last year, has sparked interest from Jewish and Christian groups around the world.

Abdullah Al-Turki, secretary-general of the MWL, said, “The aim of the conference is for us to get to know each other and look for ways to cooperate.”

He added that Saudi Arabia “affirms to the whole world its openness and cooperation with the world community.”

The MWL chief said the conference would avoid theological issues and instead focus on “humanitarian issues” and challenges facing the world. “Islam requires Muslims to inform people about Islam as the final divine message that came after the previous prophets, and that they must also challenge the link between Islam and extremist violence,” he said.

He added that the conference would look at social and ethnic conflicts, environmental issues, the breakdown of the family and militant violence around the world.

Al-Turki said many international organizations concerned with dialogue, human rights and global cooperation have welcomed the interfaith conference.

He hoped the conference would change the minds of the protagonists of a clash of civilizations. “Some researchers in the West still deal with Islamic civilization thinking that it would definitely clash with the Western civilization,” he pointed out.

The MWL secretary-general said the dialogue would help remove misunderstandings about Islam. “The conference will help save humanity from wars, injustice and corruption,” he added.
He reiterated Islam’s rejection of terrorism. “Terrorism is an international phenomenon and cannot be linked to a particular religion, country, people or culture.”

Al-Turki spoke about MWL’s long-standing tradition of holding dialogues with leaders of other faiths in the past 50 years. He urged the media to work for promoting a culture of dialogue among followers of different religions and cultures.

After the inaugural session attended by King Abdullah and King Juan Carlos of Spain, four sessions will be held before a final communiqué is read out on Friday.

Spain was chosen as the site for the conference as it is “a natural place for this type of dialogue” since for centuries it has been home to members of three of the world’s great religions, said Saudi Ambassador Prince Saud ibn Naif.

Furthermore, the UN Alliance of Civilizations, aimed at promoting dialogue between different cultures, was the idea of Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

# # #

Saudi king calls for 'new page' in inter-faith dialogue
Argentina Star
Wednesday 16th July, 2008

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah called for a 'new page for humanity' in inter-religious understanding Wednesday, saying it could help the world recover lost values and emerge from confusion.

Islam was a religion of moderation and tolerance, the monarch said in inaugurating the World Conference on Dialogue, a major inter-faith event sponsored by Saudi Arabia in the Spanish capital.

Earlier initiatives had failed because they sought to merge religions, an attempt doomed to failure, because all religions were convinced of their own beliefs despite God being the same for all, King Abdullah said.

Human tragedies were not caused by religions, but by extremism, the monarch explained.

Spain's King Juan Carlos said inter-faith dialogue could help solve problems including terrorism, hunger, disease and poverty.

Muslim World League Secretary-General Abdullah al-Turki called on delegates attending the three-day conference in Madrid to produce concrete projects with follow-up plans.

Around 200 Muslim, Christian and Jewish clergy and other experts on inter-religious dialogue were expected at the meeting instigated by Saudi Arabia in what was seen as a ground-breaking move for the conservative Muslim kingdom.

Experts and intellectuals, including Lebanese Culture Minister Tariq Mitri and Vatican inter-faith specialist Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, were to analyze issues such as the civilization foundations of inter-faith dialogue, ways to promote it, and common human values.

The conference, which also includes representatives of Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism, is taking place against the backdrop of the Middle East conflict and controversy over caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed, but it was expected to shun political questions.

The sessions are closed to the media, with a final communique expected Friday.

Organised by the World Muslim League, the conference was partly inspired by King Abdullah's unprecedented meeting with Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican in November 2007, and by the International Islamic Conference for Dialogue in Mecca last June.

Detractors slammed the Madrid conference as a public relations operation by Saudi Arabia after the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States, which were carried by mainly by Saudis inspired by Saudi-born Osama bin Laden.

It was ironic for a meeting on religious tolerance to be sponsored by Saudi Arabia, where people other than Sunni Muslims had few rights, critics said. There were few Shia Muslim participants, and none of the Jewish participants were listed as Israelis, they added.

Others praised the initiative, with the World Jewish Congress describing it as a 'significant and timely development'.

The organisers were believed to have chosen Spain as the host country, because domestic opposition would have made it difficult to stage the conference in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Turki said Spain had been chosen because of the religious tolerance that characterized it when it was partly under Moorish rule for eight centuries until 1492.

Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in a relative harmony in Moorish Spain, known as al-Andalus. 'The image of al-Andalus made us hold this conference in Spain,' al-Turki told the daily El Mundo.


  1. My Dear Br Ghouse, ASA

    Have you pleas ever thought over the composition and complexities of the Inter-faith programs as is being sponsored by King Abdullah of SA in Madrid. Just please think: "If all are right then who is wrong? If all the faiths who are within the scope of your cosmopolitan society and whom the King, including the Jews, are inviting are correct then why every one is opposing and pointing his guns ONLY to Islam and wants to change its version as per their sweet whims and caprices into a "religion", whereas, as we believe that our Lord is One and He has been all through sending one and only one system of life for humanity to follow from Adam to Muhammad (pbut).

    In fact, there is one and only one Deen with Allah and it is Islam and nothing else. Islam has been the Deen of humanity but humans deviated from the path of righteousness and coined different religion as per their convenience and expediencies. These deviated religions that have nothing to offer NOW to humanity for its safety and salvation have "conspired" to raise the bogy of Inter-faith dialogues just to befool the Muslims and debarring them to present their Deen from Allah (SWT) as the only approved system of life from our Lord. In such situation, it would be appropriate to call these efforts as "Inter-Fraud'. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Muslims, in this age of our decadence that have brought Islam to the stage of religion as Jews and Christians have become. These deformed Muslims are easy pray to the advocates of Inter-faith dialogue, That includes the bulk of Muslim leadership including its Kings, dictators and the so-called self-imposed and "self-elected" perpetual Presidents.

    I take you as a genuine intellectual of Muslim Ummah and if you follow the same lines as the secular West is trying to infest in the Muslim world to entrap the Muslims in their game plan, nothing will be left in you too to feel proud of. I would love to know where I am wrong and if it is true, I would request you to hands off from such destructive agenda of Super powers and its allies in Europe, Asia and Africa who are determined to limit Islam within the four walls of Masajid and then squander away with the wealth of Muslim world and destroy the precious treasure of their Deen, Al-Islam, the only hope of mankind that is left with us.

    I never thought that Muslims can be so "fool" that they will not be able to understand this simple game of their adversaries. The simple reason is this that they are suffering from "Wahan"- the fear of death and the love of this world as explained by our beloved Prophet (S). Unfortunately, our Muslim leadership is suffering most of this disease.

    I hope you have the wisdom to share it with your members and advise them to keep away from such frivolous program that has no "khair" in it for the Ummah. At the same time you carry out your program of getting all communities together at one platform with expectation that's some day some Khair will come out of it if you are alive to the situation and invite them gradually to one and only One God, the only Truth of this cosmos.

    Shamim Siddiqi

  2. Mike--Here is my point,

    "Secretary-General of the World Jewish Congress Michael Schneider and Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, who is in charge of dialogue between the Vatican and Muslims, are prominent among them".
    The Vatican is sending a representative, but the Pope is too big to attend such a gathering, yet when he snaps his fingers the Muslim clergy in all it regalia, stampede to sit at his feet and be lectured to!
    Call me a cynic !!
    aik zaraa saa dil tutaa hai
    oar toe koyee baat nahin!!!

  3. AOA Mike Bhai,

    I like your diplomacy regarding religion but my brother in Islam there is a fine line between diplomacy and shirk, our entire faith revolves around "I bear witness that there is no god except for God (Allah), and Muhammad is the messenger of God."' . We need to be very careful when passing remarks like

    "Your question, "If all are right then who is wrong?. The answer is simple, why does any one have to be wrong? Islam is not about negating other faiths; it is about creating a world of justice and co-existence for all. Sura Kafirun was discussed recently, look at the respect Quraan teaches us to give to other faiths"

    "First of all Islam came to negate all the falsehood that was added to the previous religions before Prophet Mohammed(PBUH), yes Islam does teach the respect and peaceful coexistence with other religion but this doesn't mean that you start accepting other religions, this would be called hypocrisy. As I believe and this is my interpretation of Surah Kafirun that it was revealed to Prophet(PBUH) so that he would know that there are people(Kafir) who will not believe what you believe in, so you tell them you keep your religion I will keep mine. It was not about respect to other religion but a mere fact that their religion and Islam can't be merged, otherwise it would be shirk."

    "One of the purposes Salat fulfills is that very idea of uplifting every one on par."

    "Then why don't the Ismalis, Bories, Shia, go to one mosque, I can understand the different ways of praying Salat, but why do they label themselves something else before being called Muslim. I don't remember reading anyone was Ismaili, Ahmadi, Qadyiani, Shia, Borei, or even Sunni during the time of Mohamad sallal lahu alaihi wasalam. If we start practicing your way of diplomacy towards accepting everything then I am afraid there will be plenty more sects created, each person will create their own way of worshiping, "Apni derh inch kee masjid". Islam(Quran and Sunnah) guides us in resolving issues plus the counseling from the Scholars, I don't believe you are a Scholar. I strongly advice you to add scholars to your Muslim email groups so that we would know the context of sura's and ayat's before quoting to satisfy our own point.. "

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) initiated and signed the Madinah pact of co-existence. If he had believed that the Jews, Christians and others were wrong, he would not have affixed his signature (stamp) next to theirs.

    "I am sorry to say but your interpretation of events is totally messed up, he(pbuh) did sign the pact but the pact was not to confirm that he accepts their religion, but to practice faith under protection of each other. and to stand against those who want to hurt them, that was the actual pact. This in no way says that he(pbuh) accepted their faith. This pact was broken by Jews, so that tells you how much you can trust them, and Quran is fill with their stories, Allah talks about them plenty of times how they broke their promises. Anyways the point is not to degrade others but to encourage them to the right path, which doesn't mean that you say things to their likings so that you are loved by them. Our last Prophet(pbuh) or in fact any Prophet they were all cherished by their communities but when they invited toward truth they were all loathed, so a person should not be afraid of speaking the truth. "


    Moderator :: Ovais, thanks for sharing a different point of view, it is always welcome on this forum, that is how we grow and learn. English language is subject to different interpretations just like other languages. When you wrote "mean that you start accepting other religions, this would be called hypocrisy. ?" Accepting other religions does not mean that you believe in what they believe, it simply means an acknowledgment of another system without prejudice.

    I am not a scholar nor do I claim to be one, but Allah has blessed me, like a billion others to think and analyze. After all, the Prophet's last sermon embodies the idea that it is your responsibility to read and understand the book that I am leaving to you. He did not assign its understanding to another being. None of our Wali allah's or prophets had gone to the university or had a degree, they had accumulated the wisdom and shared with the humanity. By the way, we have several scholars and Imams on the group, who do respond if we veer off on the wrong path, as long as we are in the range, they let it ride.

    Same issue with the last paragraph - about accepting, accepting is not converting to, it is acknowledging the otherness of other.

  4. The dialogues have been going on for over 100 years between West and Islam. They abolished khilafat in 1924. Occupied Muslim lands, took over the oil and gas fields and left Muslims like slaves in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. Over ten million muslims died and yet there is neither peace nor employment and food for the masses. Among middle east countries, and Brunie they earn trillions of dollar a year but what Muslims get except death and destruction, but Turkey and India gets the reward

    Moderator – Murad, there is another way of looking at it, they did not abolish Khilafat, we were willing partners to have it abolished. It is time to own up our failures. The Muslims in the democracies have not been contributing and participating members of the society at large. We are way too selfish; imagine if the mainstream community does not do good to others, where we would be… the least we can do is reciprocate. I attended Col Ann Wrights lecture last night, the lady who was in the highest ranks at State department and resigned in protest of inhumanity in Iraq and elsewhere. A very few Muslims have spoken up against Darfur genocide, instead we blame the Jews that they are taking advantage… if we had taken the lead, it would have been nice. We need to learn to speak up for justice for one and all, then we will have high moral grounds to speak from.

  5. Salam o Alaikum
    Thanks, we also learn from each other it is a great tool to live together with better understanding & keeping our own faith & beliefs.

  6. Mike and all Salaams- Thanks for your comments:

    "The question still remains, why didn't Mecca become the capital,
    when it was central to Muslims".

    Frid and other friends of ours take the `apologetic' stance
    to The Prophet's decision to stay in Madina and thus defend Islam
    the faith, as if one is casting aspersions on Muhamad's actions to
    stay there, for they are thinking in terms of the today's concept
    of separation of the `Church and State' when I ask the question.
    Without going into a long winded Treatise on the subject,
    I maintain that there is, in general among the Muslim Community
    a similar concept of the institution of Church as in other
    "religions". This is an anathema to a student of Quran for Islam
    is not a religion by a long chalk and hence the question of
    separation does not occur. Macca of the time, and even today,
    and its economy and culture, then and today was based on the

    One's life is constantly affected by what the State proclaims
    as its Laws and Policies, and its obedience is compulsory for
    me as its citizen (4-59)-- with the right to protest against
    injustice if inherent in the Laws. There in lies the injunction
    of the Righteous Acts upon men and women as well as the
    Operatives of the State (4-124) who are part of the Civil society
    and not an Elite. This was a paradigm shift in the operation
    of civil society of the early Muslims in Madina and it was not
    possible to break the nexus in Macca, as we see it is not
    even now, thanks to the vested interests! Accordingly even Madina
    is now a Religious Haram. Important as it may be for Muslim History.

    The Palestinian and Israel problem is difficult, as the hardliners
    and extremist are in leadership roles, and they will be there unless enough people want to speak up and do the right thing; peace. Not
    enough people believe in bringing a change.

    Mike—This change can not be brought about unless that which is wrong
    is "acknowledged" and wrongs are "righted". That is a complete
    package of Justice in the laws of nature for Peace,
    for which we all strive, otherwise it is a one-way traffic or as I
    see it "I am alright Jack" syndrome.
    And that is the unrighteous stance of the Powerful today and perhaps
    has always been so. Hence the difficulty.

  7. Moderator:

    Rashid, your wrote "This is an anathema to a student of Qur'aan for Islam is not a religion by a long chalk and hence th question of separation does not occur" .

    Please consider these two situations. We have written quite extensively about this, but let me
    put it in a few words again;

    i) Prophet Muhammad in his last sermon said something like
    this, I am leaving this book to you for you to understand and
    practice the goodness – Meaning, the religious instruction is
    complete, whatever questions you have, refer to the book, you are
    individually responsible for your acts, so you figure out the truth.
    ii) When he passed, he did not assign the leadership of the state
    either, though there are different points of view, the one that is
    prevalent is he could have passed it on to Hazrat Ali, the most
    qualified to carry on the role, but he was his relative, and that
    would have created a dynasty, which Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not prefer. Indeed he changed earlier traditions of monopolies by the tribes and brought in a tradition of consultative form of governance, a prelude to democracy.

    The above two thoughts, the Madinah pact and a whole lot of research
    on the subject leads one to believe the idea of separation of Church
    and State was the system to be carried forward.

    it challenges what we were led to believe that Islam is here to
    become the religion of the world, it was not. Qur'aan always gave
    a room for others. If we understand the Sura Kafirun (http://quraan- ) and
    understand the Madinah pact we can see the room given to others with
    respect and dignity. Islam is not about arrogance.

    The purpose of Islam was to work with others for creating just
    societies, prophet has created several models to demonstrate that,
    including treaties with other tribes. Qur'aan forbids compulsion;
    there is no compulsion in the matters of faith. Qur'aan did not
    negate Judaism, Christianity and other traditions, instead it
    declared that every one that does good work has a place in his abode.
    Islam was not a requirement to enter paradise, good deeds were.
    Separation of church and state is part of our heritage that we need
    to go back to, it will take time.

  8. Mohtram Ghouse Bhai, ASA

    I sent you my comments on the captioned item on July 18, 08 but you
    ignored it. Perhaps it was not suiting your concept and ideology that
    you hold. However, you could share it with others with the same
    qualifying underlying note as given above. It is still afresh and you
    can please share it with others
    For your ready reference I am re-sending it separately.
    Shamim Siddiqi
    # # #

    Moderator: Brother Shamim, You know this forum very well by now and I
    am surprised at your question that since you differed, you assumed, I
    may not publish your opinion. Brother, the only way to learn is learn
    different points of view, the only thing that will not be published
    is what is not in our mission statement, such as; Proselytization and
    Politics in general.

    Our group is very focused on "how to live, and live well in a civic
    society and how to be a contributor and a participant in society
    where every one's place is respected and honored regardless of their

    You may have seen a few people criticize me, since it was legitimate,
    I have published it. We are a very secure group to face anything,
    good, bad and ugly with grace. I have nothing to gain other than
    seeing that we all get along and be a contributor towards a better
    world of co-existence. It is all Qur'aan based 49:17

    Your comment was indeed published and I am pleased to forward it for
    your reference... it takes time to this. ( not posted here, but was
    posted on the forum a few days ago)

    Jazak Allah Khair
    Mike Ghouse

  9. Writing by an Iranian Anti-Islam NGO

    کنیه پیامبر اسلام و امامان شیعه به
    چه معناست؟
    جمعی از تشنگان خاندان عصمت و طهارت با بنیاد یا زهرا تماس گرفته اند و از ما درباره کنیه حضرات 14 معصوم سوال کرده اند
    در پاسخ این عزیزان این مطلب تخصصی نوشته شده است.

    کنیه از کردن می آید کردم کردی کرد و کن .
    کن یعنی بکن فعل امر گاییدن می باشد.
    کردن هم به معنی گاییدن است.
    کنیه یعنی آنچه با آن می کنند. یعنی شمبول یعنی دودول یعنی کیر یعنی مامله یعنی ابول.
    پس کنیه حضرت علی یعنی مامله حضرت علی.
    کلا اولیای دین اسلام سه کار عمده داشتند بخشی از روز را عبادت می کردند بخشی را به آدم کشی می پرداختند و بخشی نیز به جماع می گذشت و نظر اهمیت جماع نام تمام اولیای اسلام با کنیه شان خطاب می شود.

    چرا کنیه حضرت محمد رسول الله ابوالقاسم است و کنیه حضرت علی ابوالحسن؟

    همانطور که می دانید بسیاری از مردم به اعضای بدنشان شناخته میشوند مثلا می گویند چشم آبی آمد.
    مو سیاه رفت.
    قوی پنجه را ببین.
    به همین نحو ممکن است کسی به ابولش شناخته شود مثل معصومین گرامی دین اسلام.

    به حضرت ختمی مرتبت محمد مصطفی ابول قاسم می گفتند چون حضرت بیش از هر مسلمانی زنان متعدد داشته وباید ابولش بین این زنان قسمت می شده ابول قاسم یعنی قسمت کننده مامله.
    امام مهدی عج نیز به سبب طول عمرش با زنان بسیاری همبستر شده که او نیز لقبش ابول قاسم است.

    حضرت علی نیز به ابول حسن معروف است. چرا که حضرت فاطمه زهرا بنت رسول الله این نام را به مامله حضرت داده اند. از برای جماع لذت بخشی که حضرت با مامله حضرت داشتند.
    پس نام مامله محمد رسول الله و مهدی قاسم و نام مامله حضرت علی حسن بوده استو نظر به اهمیت جماع دراسلام ایشان به نام ابولشان شناخته می شوند.
    3 comments Links to this post
    Labels: حديث قدسي, حدیث سکسي
    فاطمه زهرا و حضرت علی در جهاد سازندگی
    الله در سوره بقره آيه 223 فرموده است:

    نِسَآؤُكُمْ حَرْثٌ لَّكُمْ فَأْتُواْ حَرْثَكُمْ أَنَّى شِئْتُمْ وَقَدِّمُواْ لأَنفُسِكُمْ وَاتَّقُواْ اللّهَ وَاعْلَمُواْ أَنَّكُم مُّلاَقُوهُ وَبَشِّرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ.
    زنانتان کشتزار شما هستند. هر طور که خواهيد به کشتزار خود درآييد. و براي خويش از پيش چيزي فرستيد و از خدا بترسيد و بدانيد که به نزد او خواهيد شد.

    حديث اول در رابطه با اين آيه:
    اليوم من الايام فاطمة الزهرا بنت رسول اشتب بالمنزل الرسول الله. رسول الله اسئلت وات هپن؟ قال فاطمة علي ولي الله اريد ان ادخل الي منقب مع کله. رسول الله قال علي يا علي واي يو آر فاکينگ ماي بنت مع اليور هد؟ قال علي آيه 223 ف ان ادخل بيکاز الله قال ادخل من هر طريق يو لاو.
    رسول الله قال علي: المرديکه فاطمة لا کنيز شي ايز ماي بنت. لا فاکينگ فاطمه مع الکله فاک شي باي مامله القضيب.

    در روزي از روزها فاطمه با شتاب به منزل رسول الله آمد و پشت سرش علي با سرعت داخل شد. فاطمه گفت پدر کمک علي مي خواهد با کله وارد منقب من شود . رسول الله بانگ زد علي تو چه مرگت شده؟
    حضرت علي آيه 223 را خواند و گفت الله گفته هر طور که خواستيد وارد مزرعه خود شويد من هم با کله مي خواستم وارد شوم.
    رسول الله فرمود خاک برسرت منظور خدا مامله ات بود نه کله اين کنيز جنگي نيست که هر طور خواستي بگايي.

    حديث دوم:

    روزي از روزها حضرت علي در منزل بانک زد يا فاطمة الزهرا اي مزرعه من بيا که مي خواهم تو را شخم بزنم. پس حضرت طي يک طرح جهادي به سرعت حاضر شد چرا که جهاد زن خوب شوهر داري است و بايد خود را در اختيار شوهرش بگذارد تا شوهر هرگونه لذتي ببرد.

    فاطمه زهرا روي زمين دراز کشيد و علي روي فاطمه خوابيد مشغول شخم زدن شد.

    شخم زدن که تمام شد فاطمه گفت يا علي ولي الله بر من بادمجان بکار. حضرت فرمود بادمجان کار من نباشد تو را به مساقات به بلال حبشي يا ابول اسود دودولي دهم تا بادمجان بر تو بکارد.

    حضرت مشغول کاشت خيار شد. مدتي که گذشت حضرت مي خواست عبادت را به اتمام برساند ولي فاطمه زهرا ذکر وتسبيح گويان به ادامه عبادت مشتاق بود.

    گفت يا علي بر من کدو بکار حضرت بر فاطمه کدو کاشت . زهرا فرمود يا علي هندوانه هم مي خواهم حضرت هندوانه نيز کاشت. به همين نحو تمام شب را حضرت به زراعت پرداخت انواع صيفي جات را بر زهرا نشا کرد و از براي ذوالجنان اسب وفادار فرزند فاطمه يونجه و شبدر نيز کاشتندي.

    نخلستانهاي متعددي نيز از براي تهيه خرما بر زهرا فرو نشاندي تا اينکه حضرت علي کلافه شدندي و چون فاطمه از علي خواست جهت استفاده از سايه چناري نيز بر او بنشاند حضرت به يک باره بلند شد و بر کس فاطمه ريد.

    فاطمه عصباني و شگفت زده گفت يا ولي الله چه کردي؟

    حضرت علي فرمود يا فاطمة الزهرا هر مزرعه که چنين پر محصول باشد نياز به کود مناسب جهت تقويت محصول دارد و اينچنين بود که علي خود را از اين کار زراعت طاقت فرسا نجات دادندي تا انرژي کسب کردندي و شبي ديگر ذوالفقار بر کشيده فاطمه را به جهاد خوانده او را شخم زده و صيفي و چنار بر فاطمه نشا کند.

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    وقتی شیطان بر منقب زهرا نهاد
    در پست قبلی به گفتگوی اسما و فاطمه زهرا بنت رسول الله اشاره ای داشتیم اینک مطلبی دیگر را به اتفاق می خوانیم.

    اسما به نزد سایر زنان مدینه باز گشت و ضمن ذکر مناقب حضرت زهرا ، آنچه از زفاف علی و زهرادیده و شنیده بود برای زنان بازگو کرد.
    زنان از این شرح واقعه تعجب کردند و دانستند که زهرا بنده برگزیده الله است چرا که با یک سبحان الله دل و جیگرش بالا رفته جا برای معامله شیر خدا حضرت علی باز می شود.
    پس به اتفاق به نزد زهرا رفتند و گفتند که یا زهرا هر شب به نزد زنان مسلمان بیا و سخنرانی کن تا ما نیز از تو کسب فیض کرده شاید خدا نیز دل و جگر ما را بالاتر برده و مامله شوهرانمان را مثل مامله علی گرداند.
    پس از آن زهرا به نزد زنان می رفت و به سخنرانی می پرداخت.

    سخنرانی شماره یک حضرت زهرا

    بسم الله الجاکش الجبارین
    بنام خداوند جاکش ستمگران
    دیشب با علی جماع می کردم حضرت یک دفعه ابول حسن را از منقب من بیرون کشید دست بر منقبم نهاد آن را هم کشید و تمام آب مامله را بر صورتم پاشید.

    گفتم یا علی چه کردی.

    حضرت فرمود ای ام المومنین من فراموش کرده بودم که اکنون اول ماه است و داشتم تو را می گائیدم که دیدم شیطان نیز مامله اش را بر تو فرو کرده و می خواهد همزمان با من آبش را بر منقبت ریخته بچه مان شیطان شود.

    پس به سرعت مامله بر کشیده دست بر منقبت گذاشتم آن را هم کشیدم تا شیطان نتواند بر تو نطفه ریزد.

    علی به من گفت یا زهرا به زنان مومن بگو اول و نیمه هر ماه از جماع به قصد حاملگی خودداری کرده چرا که اول و نیمه ماه شیطان مامله خویش بر کس آنان نهاده در نطفه شریک شود.
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    ذکر مناقب حضرت زهرا و شب زفاف حضرت زهرا
    در كتاب امالى شيخ عليه الرحمه در حديثى آمده چون شب زفاف فاطمه (ع) فرارسيد حضرت پيغمبر اكرم صلى عليه و آله و سلم ، حضرت امام علی (ع) را فرا خواند و توصیه های به او نمود.
    حضرت محمد فرمودند:
    یا علی ان فی اکثر الغزوات ینظر انت فاکینگ و مجامعت مع الا النسا الذی مقلوب الی الجهاد.
    یا علی من در اکثر جنگها دیده ام چگونه با زنانی که غنیمت می گرفتیم جماع می کردی.

    فلذا هی فاطمه الزهرا بنت رسول اللهو ایت ایز دیفرنت من حیث المجموع
    ولی این فاطمه دختر من است و این من حیث المجموع فرغ می کند.

    فلذا انت لا مجامعت مع الزهرا بسان الحمار و لا مجامعت مع الزهرا بسان الخروس فمجامعت بسان الانسان.
    پس همانا با همسر خویش بسان الاغ جماع نکن و همینطور بسان خروس جماع نکن بلکه مثل آدم کارت را بکن.

    پس از آن حضرت فاطمه را سوار بر شتر به همراه هفتاد هزار ملائکه به خانه علی فرستاد. اسماء بنت عمیس را هم به همراه زهرا به خانه علی فرستاد تا در شب زفاف یاور و راهنمای فاطمة الزهرا باشد.

    در شب زفاف اسماء بنت عمیس فاطمه را برهنه نمود و بانک بر آورد یا علی بیا که بانو آماده است.

    پس همینکه حضرت دشداشه بیرون آورد مامله حضرت بر اسما نمایان شدندی پس اسما فریاد زدندی یا حضرت عباس ( آن زمان منظور عموی پیغمبر بوده) سپس به حضرت گفتندی:
    یاعلی پدر و مادرم به فدایت باد فاطمه نوجوان است و منقب ایشان تاب تحمل مامله طویل و قطور شما را ندارد. حضرت گفت خاموش تو از خاندان عصمت و طهارت چه می دانی که گزافه گویی می کنی ما خود بطور لدنی به امور خویش واقفیم و هیچ مامله ای شایسته مناقب زهرا نباشد جز مامله من.

    سیوطی در کتاب خود مامله علی را یک وجب بلند تر از قامت زهرا ولی ابن اثیر آن را یک وجب کوتاهتر از قامت زهرا نقل کرده است.
    حضرت ابتدا بر موهای فاطمه چنگ زد و موها را بدست گرفته و فاطمه را به همراه خویش کشید. و رو به قبله دعایی خواند و سپس هر سه برهنه به نماز ایستادندی و نماز شکر بجا آوردندی.

    اسما نقل می کند که علی بر زمین دراز کشید و مامله بر هوا فرستاد و زهراگفت یا علی، علی فرمود : علی یارت و زهرا را با دست بلند کرد و بر سر مامله نشاند و زهرا بانک بر آورد سبحان الله و حضرت علی فاطمه را ول کردندی و حضرت به پایین افتادندی و مامله تماما بر حضرت فرو رفتندی و فاطمه بانک بر آوردندی الحمد الله. حضرات این کار را 33 مرتبه انجام دادندی.

    لازم به ذکر است که تسبیحات حضرت زهرا سلام الله علیها از شب زفاف فاطمه الزهرا باب شدندی و علت را خواهیم گفت.

    فردای پس از جماع اسما به نزد فاطمه رفتندی و از حال وی جویا شدندی و فهمیدندی که فاطمه سر حال و قبراق بودندی پس با حیرت گفت یا فاطمه پدر و مادرم به فدایت باد مامله حضرت به اندازه هیکلت بود پس چطور آن به تمامت بر منقبت فرو رفتندی و تو سالم و سرحال ایستاده ای؟

    فاطمه فرمود آیا ندیدی که در شب من سوار بر مامله علی سبحان الله می گفتم.
    اسما گفت آری دیدم.
    فاطمه فرمود خداوند تبارک و تعالی هربار که سبحان الله می گوییم دل و جگر ما را به بالا کشیده و جا برای مامله باز می کند و هنگام الحمد الله منقبمان تنگ شده تا به حضرت و خودمان هنگام بیرون کشیدن مامله لذت دهد.

    اسما گفت یا حضرت من هیچ ترسی بر روی شما ندیدم در حالیکه اکثر دختران در جماع اول ترس داشتندی. سبب چه بودندی؟
    حضرت فرمود که اول قسم بخور به هیچ کس نگوئی.
    اسما گفت به حضرت عباس(عموی پیغمبر) قسم که چیزی نگویم.

    فاطمه گفت این بار اولم نبود که جماع کردندی.
    اسما گفت پدرو مادرم به فدایت شیطون قبلا کجا و با کی و چرا جماع کردی؟

    فاطمه گفت من و عایشه و پیامبر در اتاق بودیم که جبرئیل امین از آسمان به زمین آمدندی و به رسول الله گفتندی که مناقب زهرا به هر کس که رسد او ولی و وصی تو خواهد شد و خلیفه مسلمین خواهد شد.
    اسما پرسید: خوب بعد چه شد.
    فاطمه گفت: عایشه فورا به نزد پدرش رفت و از گفته جبرئیل به پدرش خبر داد. و شب ابوبکر صدیق خفت مرا گرفت و بر منقبم نهاد.

    اسما گفت پس به این ترتیب ابوبکر خلیفه اول مسلمین خواهد شد و علی خلیفه دوم.

    فاطمه گفت : نه اشتباه کردی آن روز عمر بر کنار درب منزل گوش ایستاده بود و هنگامیکه بر منقب من می نهاد او نیز به اشتباه فکر می کرد خلیفه اول مسلمین خواهد شد.

    اسما از مامله عمر پرسید: یا فاطمه من فکر می کنم عمر مامله بزرگی داشته باشد مامله عمر چگونه بود؟

    فاطمه گفت مامله عمر دو برابر مامله علی بودندی و من با وجود اینکه سبحان الله گفتم و دل و جگرم به امر خدا به بالا رفت مامله عمر به پهلویم فشار اوردندی و من بیم دارم که سر انجام از درد پهلوی شکافته شده ام به دیار باقی رهسپار شوم.

    اسما گفت پس عمر خلیفه دوم و علی خلیفه سوم خواهد شد.

    فاطمه گفت نه عثمان زاغ مرا چوب می زد و دیده بود که عمرو ابوبکر بر منقب من نهاده اند و نزد من آمد و گفت یا فاطمه الزهرا حتما حکمتی در کار بوده که عمر و ابوبکر بر منقبت نهاده اند پس او هم بر منقب من نهاد.

    وبه این ترتیب اسما و فاطمه از آینده خبر دار شدندی و در حالیکه حضرت علی با دمش گردو می شکست که خلیفه اول مسلمین خواهد شد فاطمه می دانست که سلطنت به علی نخواهد رسید مگر بعد از عثمان.
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    مبارزات و مصائب حضرت زينب (ع)

    احاديث متعددي در شرح مصائب حضرت زينب (ع) پس از واقعه جانگداز کربلا در دسترس است که ما براي شما برخي از آن احاديث را نقل مي کنيم.

    فتر کيف الزينب لگاز زدي بر معماله يزيد.
    همانا نديدي چطور زينب مامله يزيد را گاز گرفتندي؟

    شرح حديث:
    پس از اسارت حضرت زينب همواره درسدد مبارزه با حاکم جور و فساد آن زمان بودندي پس راه اين بودندي که عرصه را بر يزيد تنگ کردندي.

    همان شب اول که حضرت به حضور يزيد برده شدندي يزيد لعنت الله عليه مامله خويش در آوردندي بر دهان زينب گذاشتندي و گفتندي اگر بر عليه ما و در رثاي حسين بر منبر روي هربار مامله من بر حلقت خواهد رفت.

    حضرت مثل شير زنان امروز بسيجي مامله يزيد را محکم گاز گرفتندي و ناله يزيد به هوا رفتندي و به اين ترتيب به يزيد فهماند که با يک زن حزب اللهي به تمام معنا طرف است.

    به اين ترتيب هربار حضرت بر عليه يزيد بر منبر رفتندي و هر شب کير يزيد گاز زدندي تا اينکه عرصه بر يزيد تنگ شدندي و از مامله بر دهان زينب نهادن منصرف شدندي و اين اولين پيروزي بانوي دوم اسلام بودندي.

    الم ترکيف ربک چربيک بمقعده الزينب
    آيا نديدي چگونه الله منقب زينب را چرب نمود

    شرح حديث:
    پس از نهضت گاز زدن مامله يزيد که نشان از شم سياسي حضرت زينب داشت عرصه بر يزيد تنگ آمدندي پس به فکر ديگري افتاد.
    زينب را که از منبر بر مي گشت صدا زدندي و همين که زينب به نزد يزيد رسيد يزيد با يک حرکت مامله بر منقب عقب حضرت زينب انداخت و داد حضرت از درد به هوا رفتندي.

    يزيد گفت: من بعد که پاي منبر روي و بر ضد ما و به نفع حسين داد و فغان کني مامله کلفت ما بر منقب عقبت خواهد نشست تا عبرت گيري.

    حضرت از خداوند تبارک و تعالي استمداد جست پس همان وقت جبرئيل امين نزد زينب آمدندي وبه حضرت راه چاره را نشان دادندي.

    آن روز عصر حضرت به بالاي منبر رفت و بر ضد يزيد و به نفع حسين به افشاگري پرداخت پس هنگام باز گشت يزيد به قصد دخول به نزد حضرت آمدندي پس حضرت بانک بر آورد سبحان الله پس فورا ملائکه از آسمان بر زمين آمدندي و منقب عقب حضرت را از بيرون و درون چرب کردندي و به آسمان بازگشتندي پس همينکه يزيد بر مقعد زينب نهاد وتمامت مامله بر کار فرو رفتندي حضرت لذت بردندي و بانک زدندي الحمدالله پس يزيد شگفت زده شدندي ولي به مجامعت ادامه دادندي.

    پس از آن هر روز حضرت به افشاگري بر منبر پرداختندي و شب ملائکه بر زمين فرود آمدندي و کون مبارک حضرت را چرب نمودندي و مامله يزيد را از توطئه عليه بانوي دوم اسلام بازداشتندي.

    بدين ترتيب حضرت زينب يا مامله يزيد را گاز زدندي يا خداوند کون حضرت را چرب نمودي تا پوز يزيد به خاک ماليده شدندي و نهضت کربلا تداوم يافتندي و نداي حق طلبانه تشيع به گوش جهانيان رسيد.

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  10. Shamim Siddiqi and Ovis Hassan, have your actually read the Quran and hadith? Where is the "respect and peaceful coexistence" - I must have missed it? Do the hate and violence against non-Muslims bother you?

    This interfaith Forum is a joke -- a bad, sick joke. In Madrid, the Saudi King was just feeding Western people sweet, meaningless words. Nothing will change in SA or other Islamic societies. They will continue to discriminate against non-Muslims, Jews, women, gays and even their own minoritiesbecause that is central to Islamic doctrine. Tolerance in Islam is a one way street, and crooked.

    A question for Muslims... Do you think we are lower than animals because we don't believe (that is from al-anfal, the spoils of war, book 8, the quran). Do you think the "people of the book" should be third class citizens? (after women, the second-class). Do you think Muslims have a right to torture and mutilate us if we speak out against Islam? (Al-maeda, the table, book 5 verse 33). If we were not "people of the book," just plain vanilla pagans, the Quran says to slaughter us (but only to subdue the "people of the book").

    Why should I, a non-Muslim, have any respect for Muslims and Islam after seeing how Muslims treat others and reading the comments here?


    PS: About Surah 98... The Quran says that the divisions among the people of "earlier revelations" (Jews, Christian) are proof that they are corrupt and their message is not true. So then "Clear Proof" was given in the form of the Quran through Mohammad.

    So, it seems that there are a few (hundred) divisions among Muslims, so does that mean the message is also not true?

  11. Jay Kactuz

    Thanks for sharing your concers, as you have read them, it is perhaps legitimiate.

    However, finding the truth is our own responsibility, and I am one such person who was a born Muslim, but stayed open to all faiths including Atheism. It used to bother me when I read the translations of Qur'aan.

    Turning point came when I read Mohammad Asad's translation, and then a few more. I felt I was duped for years with wrong translations. Now, I am working on my own translations to demytify the myth.

    Here are a few of my articles:

    and check this blog:

    Oneness of God at

    I understand your frustration and you have a legitimiate concern.

    What Muslims do and Islam teaches,
    What Christians do and Christ's teaching, what Jews do and Torah teaches, ..... are two different things.

    Blame the individual and punish the criminal... not his parents, kids, community or religion.

    Mike Ghouse



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Planned Muslim Response to Qur'an Burning by Pastor Jones on September 11 in Mulberry, Florida

August 19, 2013| Dallas, Texas

Mike Ghouse
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Mirza A Beg
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We as Muslims plan to respond to pastor Terry Jones' planned burning of 3000 copies of Quran on September 11, 2013 in positive terms.

Our response - we will reclaim the standard of behavior practiced by the Prophet concerning “scurrilous and hostile criticism of the Qur’an” (Muhammad Asad Translation Note 31, verse 41:34). It was "To overcome evil with good is good, and to resist evil by evil is evil." It is also strongly enjoined in the Qur’an in the same verse 41:34, “Good and evil deeds are not equal. Repel evil with what is better; then you will see that one who was once your enemy has become your dearest friend.”

God willing Muslims will follow the divine guidance and pray for the restoration of Goodwill, and on that day many Muslim organizations will go on a “blood drive” to save lives and serve humanity with kindness.

We invite fellow Americans of all faiths, races, and ethnicities to join us to rededicate the pledge, “One nation under God”, and to build a cohesive America where no American has to live in apprehension, discomfort or fear of fellow Americans. This event is a substitute for our 10th Annual Unity Day Celebration ( held in Dallas, but now it will be at Mulberry, Florida.

Unwittingly Pastor Jones has done us a favor by invigorating us by his decision to burn nearly 3000 copies Quran on September 11, 2013. Obviously he is not satisfied by the notoriety he garnered by burning one Qur'an last year.

As Muslims and citizens we honor the free speech guaranteed in our constitution. We have no intentions to criticize, condemn or oppose Pastor Terry Jones' freedom of expression. Instead, we will be donating blood and praying for goodness to permeate in our society.

We plan to follow Jesus Christ (pbuh), a revered prophet in Islam as well as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – that of mitigating the conflicts and nurturing good will for the common good of the society.

We hope, this event and the message will remind Muslims elsewhere in the world as well, that violence is not the way. Muslims, who react violently to senseless provocation, should realize that, violence causes more violence, and besmirches the name of the religion that we hold so dear. We believe that Prophet Muhammad was a mercy to the mankind, and we ought to practice what we believe and preach. We must not insult Islam by the negative reactions of a few.

We can only hope it will bring about a change in the attitude of the followers of Pastor Jones, and in the behavior of those Muslims who reacted violently the last time Pastor sought notoriety – We hope this small step towards a bridge to peaceful coexistence would propel us towards building a cohesive society.

Like most Americans a majority of Muslims quietly go about their own business, but it is time to speak up and take positive action instead of negative reaction. May this message of peace and goodwill reverberate and reach many shores.

Lastly, we appreciate the Citizens of Mulberry, Florida, Honorable Mayor George Hatch, City Commissioners, police and Fire Chiefs for handing this situation very well. This will add a ‘feather of peace’ in the City’s reputation. We hope Mulberry will be a catalyst in showing the way in handling conflict with dignity and peace.

We thank the Media for giving value to the work towards peace rather than conflict.


Thank you.


The people in Dallas are making an effort to understand and clean their own hearts first, when we are free from bias, it would be easy to share that with others. Islam teaches us in so many ways to "respect the otherness of others" and it is time we find simple practical ways of doing it.