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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Re: Muslims together - Ahmadiyya Muslims (72 Sects)

Comments from Iran, Hannan, Aurangzeb, Ayaz and Armoghan listed below.

 As Muslims we practice hearing out each other, so, you find from wise to ugly statements, but "usually relevant" to the thread, it is all a part of living in a free world.

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Diversity is natural and intentional, nothing is alike, and to be different is to be human and that is apparently God's plan. The world will never be 100% Muslim, Christian, Hindu or otherwise, however everyone hopes for it as conclusion.   

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) understood human nature more than anyone else. No wonder Islam is also referred to as the Deen of fitra.

So the number 72 implies diversity and a large number, but not precisely 72.   Oddly that number is also used as a selling point by pervert clergy in their pornographic Khutbas, some of which we have watched recently.  

Who will go to hell?

God does not stereo type any group; it is always the individual who gets the rewards or punishment; that is clearly established in Islam, is it not?

It is like the class room, most of the students will pass, and some will be ranked among top three or top ten. The entire class will never score 100, only a few will fail, and they have the option (repent and ask for forgiveness) to retake (not repeat the mistakes) the exam and pass, there is an opportunity to redress.  

So we will have 72
groups with varying beliefs and each one of them is urged to do his or her best, and one of them will earn the ranks, all others will make it with an exception of one or two who will bear the burden of their wrong doing. Ahmadiyya, Bohra, Shia, Sunni, Ismaili, Sufi, Wahabbi, Deen Muhammad are the magnificent groups at this time, and no group will be punished. God does not believe in collective punishment, it will be always the individuals. Exception:  The Sodom and Gomorrah community, which we need to, understand as the facts on the dirt are different than interpreted heretofore.

There is no pre-judgment in Islam and only Allah and the individual will know what is in one's heart.  Allah gives the individual all the opportunities in life, but will not pre-judge any one, that is the wise reason why we have to believe in the Day of Judgment to prevent societies from becoming God.

Allah maintains professional confidentiality to prevent an individual from becoming judgmental towards fellow being. When God is through with the accountability on the appointed day, he will make the decision which no one but God and the person will know.  God does not announce it to the public about who is going to hell or heaven, the only way to find out is if you are in their company. 

The state does not have the authority to judge one's faith, it is Allah's prerogative. The state as a representative of the people can punish the individual for externalities like theft, breaking a contract, rape and being destructive.

What the Mullah's of Pakistan, Bangladesh, India (Muslims), Indonesia, Iran or Saudi Arabia has done is usurp authority of God, they have no right to pre-judge or declare anyone.  God boldly goes against these governments and Mullahs by telling them in their face without blinking an eye; that, whether you are Jew, Christian, or whatever, he will recompense you for the good you do, and assure everyone, not to worry. Do we get that?

Islam is so beautiful a religion; it is in tune with human nature and honors freedom of thought.  Sadly, a majority of us have not gotten Islam, to the bulls among us, it is enforcement and punishment. Do they realize what 113 of the 114 Suras flow from? He is the creator, he is closer to us than our jugular veins, and he understands and knows us and wants us to behave to keep his creation in harmony.

May Allah just give us the capacity to think or take the brain back for lack of use.

Jazak Allah Khair

Mike Ghouse
Muslims Together building cohesive societies.

Dear sirs, 

Assalamu Alaikum.Malik Ghulam Ali, a Judge of Appellate Division of Supreme Court has said in this regard ( in Rasail wa Masail in vol 6/7 , main author Sayyid Maududi) that this tradition has not been reported in Bukhari or Muslim or Muatta.It has been narrated in Tirmizi or Nasai (? ) through a weak chain.

f it is taken as true it means that all Muslims  from all sects who believe in the Quran and Sunnah sincerely will be saved.The Hadith does not name any specific sect.

Shah Abdul Hannan

That Hadith is correct and authentic.  The complete Hadith is:

Prophet (pbuh) said that previous nations (Jews and CHristians) got split into 71 sects, and my Ummah will get split into 72 sect.  But all these sects will wind up in Hell Fire except one.  When asked which sect will be the saved one, he (pbuh) said that the one which had the same belief as his and his companions.

But keep in mind that none of these sects will be considered out of the folds of Islam, as Qadianis are.  Qadianis commit Kufr and cannot be a sect of Islam.  These sects will be of Muslims, but would have invented and added new things in Islam.  After their punishment is over in Hell, they too will qualify for the Mercy of Allah and sent to Jannah.

The distinction of the saved sect is that because its belief will be correct, it will not go to Hell at all, and Allah by His Mercy will send them directly to Jannah.  



<<<Please read and reflect on Ayat 62 of Surah Al-Baqarah, that states: "Verily, those who believe (in the Quran), And those who follow the Jewish faith, and the Christians, and Sabians - all who believe in God, and the Last Day and do righteous deeds - shall have their reward with their Sustainer>>>

Obviously the Qur'an-illiterate National Assembly members who declared the Ahmadi Muslims as non-Muslims did not know this ayat!  Those who would love to ABROGATE this ayah---their lips have been permanently sealed by Allah, the Most High, forever--- because He RE-revealed almost the same ayah in 5:69!  Now they feel cornered—and have not way to go except to knock at the door of the powerhouse of all evils in the Muslim world-- the "Ulema"--who are always ready to do 'halalah' with anyone who needs an immediate catharsis—no problem!


<<< However, we have instructions in numerous Ahadeeth, as well as Quran, to seel knowledge of Islam from those who have acquired it, and follow the Ulama leaders.  Qadianis on the other hand, insult the Ulama of Islam.>>> 

Where can I find this verse where we are told to follow these fire-brand “Ulema”?  I am aware of the “ahl adhdhikr” (the People of the Zikrâ€"the Qur’an) whom we need to ask if we want to know something according to the Qur’anâ€"NOT some Qur’an-illiterte “Ulema” who represent a little truth and a MUCH falsehood!!! 

The real Ulema fear Allah much.  Most of these “Ulema” that you are referring to are merciless, insensitive butchersâ€"their hearts have become rock and their eyes have turned stone dry after following and disseminating all kinds of falsehood!  They do nothing but fitna and corruption on earth.  They are hate-mongers and must be condemned for what they do.

Aurangzeb, how come you did not comment on the hadith Jari Khan sahib quoted?  These ahadith are from your favorite booksâ€"the ones you are dead set to call “Sahihayn” (Two Authentic Ones)!



Dear Qurashi saab Allah (S W T ) in Quran also called Kaafir it means if some one believe on another man mad prophet we can not call theme Muslims.You Can read Mr Mirza Ahmed books what ever he said about him self as a Muslim we can not call him Muslim .

There is no Place in Islam for another Prophet after Our Sweet last Madni Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Peace be upon Him.

Even there is No Shazli or Nazli Nabi.If some one brings then they have different religion then Islam even they read Quran,Kalama ,Pray five times a day and perform Hajj.

But before we do all these practises our Imman have to Say Ya Rasool AllahYou are the Last Messenger and there is no any kind of Messiah or Nabi after you.

If you still about Mr Mirza books i can send it to you.


Ayaz Khan

These are all self-constructed Hadith being quoted here. Can someone reference the book from which this Hadith is quoted? So much of misinformation on this thread! 

From the personal Desk of

Armoghan Qadir Shah



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